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Links Shared at State Technology Conference

Resource Listing

There were many resources shared at the state technology conference. Here is a listing of those that you may find helpful.

Resources for All Content Areas

Common Core Standards Explorer

When you click the content area, the grade, and then the standard, you are given a list of web resources (videos, games, etc...) that match that standard.


This free website will allow you to create an infographic on any topic. If you type the topic, it begins creating a web. You can click on each word to get details and sources. As you create your web, it will create a quiz about the topic.


Create online newsletters. This is a paid site, but has a free trial that could be helpful, especially at the beginning of the year. You can share the newsletter as a pdf or even a web link.


For free, you (or students) can create 30 second photo videos, complete with music. Could be a fun way to have students introduce themselves at the beginning of the year.


A free website that will allow you to easily create posters, flow charts, or other documents to share.

ELA Resources

TweenTribune & DOGO News

These sites have news articles that are sorted by grade level. You can also search for articles about specific subjects. Wonderful resource for non fiction reading material that is based on reading level and can be chosen based on interest or topic. You could even create comprehension questions to match the article. DOGO News does have mini comprehension questions included.

Graph Words & Snappy Words

Graph Words is a visual thesaurus and Snappy Words is a visual dictionary. Students can type a word in the top search box. It give a graphical illustration of synonyms/definitions. Students can click a word shown to open up another set of results.

Boom Writer

This is a free creative writing resource. A teacher shows a first chapter of a writing assignment. This can be written by the teacher or in a story bank. Students write the second chapter. Then, they vote on which one to add to the official story. Students then write the next chapter and vote, again. This continues until the story is finished.


Students type a self-written newspaper article into this website. Once they are finished, it creates a document that looks like a newspaper article and they can download and save their creation.

Math Resources

Opus Math

This website contains question banks for the common core. Type a keyword or search by Common Core standard to view questions relating to that topic.

Get the Math

At this link, there are short videos from professionals about how they use math in their job. There are also challenges posed with each career. These are real-world math problems. The information is given so that students can solve the problems, but then it also shows how the professional solved it.


This is a free online graphing calculator.

History Resources

Docs Teach

Browse through historical periods. There are pictures and discussion questions and activities to choose from. Some are even games. Students are given a link and they complete the activity, example: matching pictures of people to their description.


This free resource lets teachers and students create timelines. As you create the timeline, you can add photos.


On the timeline tab, you can search for timelines about various topics (search is on the bottom left if you scroll down). On the time line, double click to open pictures and videos. These resources can be shared in class as an app share or even a link to the timeline given to the students and let them explore a timeline on their own.

Other Resources

See: Awesome Stories (Science Resources), Snippet, TweenTribute, and DOGO News (ELA Resources)

Science Resources

Awesome Stories

This site contains stories in text, video, and audio format that can be used to supplement a lesson. Examples: space shuttle landings, stories from historical figures, etc...

Other Resources

See: Snippet, TweenTribute, and DOGO News (ELA Resources)