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Week of September 2 "The Greatest School on Land and Sea"

Monday, September 2

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Please complete this Google Form so we will know a little bit about you!

Join the Staff 2019-2020 Remind. Text @3k744ab to 81010.

Student ID Numbers

Kindergarten- Make sure students have their name tags on with 5 digit number for lunches until they can type it themselves. A practice sheet is linked below.

The 5 digit ID number is linked to Seesaw. When you add new students, please add the ID number.

For Istation, the username will be the 5 digit number and the password will be the 5 digit with a p.

Username- 12345

Password- 12345p

When your whole class knows their number, email for a surprise!

All New Staff to Pine Tree Must Complete the Training Below by December

SIOP Texas Gateway Training

All staff who work directly with students must complete this training.


It is very important that for the first 2 full weeks of school that each teacher is taking time to teach behavior and systems. Be very CONSISTENT...that is the key to having a classroom that runs well with strong classroom management. New teachers to Pine Tree, Sarah Beth will come around and meet with you and answer any CHAMPS questions you have.

Complete the Form Below for Whiteboard Count

Please Complete the Survey Below for Mrs. Lee

Daily 5

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Instruction Next Week

Readers and Writers workshop should have begun in every classroom. Reading and Writing can also be a station. However, the daily workshop is something everyone does in every classroom every day. Keep it short until kids get stamina.

Kindergarten 911 Guided Reading groups should be beginning. Spend about 15 minutes at the table working with the lowest group. Spend the rest of guided reading time working on routines and procedures.

All Employees Must Complete the Sick Leave Bank Form Below & Give to Evelyn

Sunshine Dues

Please give to Sunshine fund with a joyful heart! This fund helps us take care of our Primary Family during the school year. The following link is the Sunshine Guidelines so that you know how this money is spent. Thank you!

Sunshine Guidelines

Behavior Assistance

Call the Office.

Ruth will text the administrator who is coaching.

Cristi Cell-

Ruthie Cell-

If you don't get assistance within a few minutes, please buzz the office again. It is very busy between 11:00 and 1:00.

Hourly Employees

District Policy states that you are to work 40 hrs a week with a 30 minute lunch. It is important that you clock in and out for lunch each day.

We had too many overtime this past week. Our policy is that you get pre-approval from campus principal before accruing overtime.

Thank you for helping us with this!

Pictures of Primary

Please add any pictures you take of your students and staff. Only add pictures of those who can be in the yearbook, on facebook, newspaper, website, etc.

Meet the Staff Presentation

Please find your name and fill out the info. Copy and add if you don't see yourself.

2019-2020 Data....Let's Set This Year's Goals from this Data!!

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Raising Highly Capable Kids

Raising Highly Capable Kids (RHCK) is a researched based program that helps all parents provide positive skills to their children. This program was adopted into the Longview community through the Chamber of Commerce. Below is a short video from a segment of Fox 51 News covering a story of RHCK that is offered through the Longview Chamber of Commerce. Take a look to see what's happening in our community.

Watch Video Here

It is very exciting to offer this same program to the families of Pine Tree ISD!

We will begin on Tuesday nights on Sept. 17-Dec. 17 from 6:00PM to 7:30PM at PT PACE.

Last Day to Sign-Up to Facilitate

I am so thankful for the people who have already signed-up to facilitate. We are starting off with a great number so it will be easy to divide up the 13 weeks. Thank you for supporting the program!

Today is the last day to sign-up if you want to lead a class. We could still use some more male volunteers. Just click this link if you are interested.

Miranda Chism

Parent Liaison

Pine Tree ISD

(903) 295-5095

You can create a class for Ready Rosie! We will be using this next year with Seesaw!

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Front the Front office

Car tag numbers need to kept updated in the office. There is a folder in the Staff Notebook inside Front Office.

Set an alarm to go off at 9:30 for attendance. Teachers only mark absences. Regina will mark tardies. Attendance must be taken at 9:30 for us to get full funding for the day.

Carry Cell Phones and Radios to the playground and the cafeteria so Ruth can find you. It does not look good when it takes a long time to find a student. Let Ruth know if you are going somewhere that is off the normal schedule so she can find you.

Links you need

Primary Calendar of Events

Check this every week so you can keep up with events. Click on links to see attachments.

Pine Tree Primary Symbaloo

This has links to many of our pages. You can make it your homepage!

Google Classroom

Primary 2019-2020 Classcode is eki1vlo. We will use this for trainings that can be done on your own time.

Parent Liaison Referral Form

Please fill this out when you want Ms. Chism to help with contacting and working with parents.

Student Recognition per Month

Check Primary Events Calendar for Due Dates

Primary Staff Notebook

This has just about everything you need! This is a new version for the 2019-2020 school year.

Professional Development Opportunities

Teacher to Teacher Observation

You must complete one a semester.

Project ETELL Registration

This is a route to begun ESL or bilingual certified with no cost to you.

Pine Tree Primary School

The Greatest School on Earth!

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