Death Watch

Robb White

About the author

Robb white was born in Philippine islands, where his father was a missionary. After resigning his commission in the Navy, Mr White began the adventurous wanderings which have taken him around the world. He has written many short stories and twenty-two books, including The Survivor, Silent Ship, Silent Sea, Up Periscope, and Our Virgin Island. He was the winner of an Edgar award from the mystery writers of America.
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Main characters

The main characters of this book is Ben and Madec. Ben is hired by Madec that he could be his companion for a quiet hunting trip.Ben was hired because he needed money for another semester for college.

Madec is a person you don't want to mess with when he is carrying a gun. He is a very cold man meaning like he only likes stuff that involves with hunting. He's a hunter that hunts bighorn sheep in the mountains.

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The Plot

The plot is featured by a skilled and successful, lawyer named Madec. He hires a young man named Ben, he is earning money for a next semester for college. Ben is also hired to this job to show Madec where the bighorn sheep are up in the mountains. But after and accidentally shooting a prosecutor, Ben refuses and tries to keep it a secret. Ben also wants to admit his mistake. As much as Madec is important to sit in jail, he tries to eliminate witnesses in crime.