Quarter 4 Week 6

Facing Your Phobias

Facing your phobias

Analyze the approaches in the video .... do you think they would be effective for everyone ?

What approach might you use to confront the phobia you previous described about yourself ?

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What is abnormal ?

Make a list of the types of categories that characterize what is abnormal .... then indicate whether or not you agree with each label and give an example
Psychological Disorders: Crash Course Psychology #28

Abnormal psychology

1. what role did asylums play ?

2. explain the results of the fake patients

3. how was mental illness first viewed ?

4. What are psychological disorders ?

5. How is being different viewed ?

6. What is the role of standardize and measured ?

7. What's the concern with the DSM ?

Depressive and Bipolar Disorders: Crash Course Psychology #30
1. summarize the videos explanation for depression

2. Do you feel depression is common ...explaiin

3. How does bi-polar work ?

4. How could you tell bipolar from just different feelings of sadness or elation .... explain

Bart Simpson - A Case Study in ADHD
After watching this segment of the symptoms ..... write a paragraph explaining how a case can be made for ADHA !!!