The Reformation

The Catholic Church vs. Martin luther

The change

The catholic church was at a disagreement with Martin Luther. This was because Martin Luther wanted to change the church by basing it only on faith in God no strings attached but the church didn't want to be changed . This caused the Reformation .


Martin Luther was one of the few people that was associated with the reformation. He has a disagreement with the catholic church and decided to do something about it ,and wrote 95 theses about what he thought was wretched about the catholic church. Luther posted on the church doors for everyone to see. He also thinks that everyone is EQUAL!

Martin Luther

Martin Luther sparked the Protestant Reformation when in 1517 he wrote his 95 theses, which criticized central aspects of the Catholic Church's teachings.

Impact in Society

The Reformation weakened the church, made the pope excommunicate Luther and also burned all the remains of the 95 theses .

The change seen in 2013

Now the reformation is seen in my eyes as a beginning of a new religion. Protestant. Protestants are Christians who belong to non-catholic churches. Some folks are catholic and some are Protestant .