Cayo Largo Cuba

by: Brayden powell

cayo largo cuba

Cayo Largo Cuba is a place you should visit. It is a tropical island where you can go snorkeling, swimming or you can go to Iguana Island and so much more. You should go there.


You can take a boat ride to go snorkeling in

a coral reef. If you are lucky you might see dolphins or a manray. if you want they let you feed the fish if you bring some bread.


On your free time you can go swimming in the pools or go swimming at the beach and relax on the beach. You can watch the big waves. If you're lucky you might find a conch shell or a shell.

Iguana Island

Iguana Island is a fun place full of iguanas that don’t mind you being there.You can see where they live and see the leader.The way you know which is the leader is its twice the size as the other iguanas.

This is why i think you should go to Cayo Largo Cuba for a nice vacation at a tropical island.I promise you won’t get bored well you are swimming,snorkeling or playing on Iguana Island.if you come you will get a surprise on your bed when you rent a hut.

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