Tania Barajas

Part I

An anti-hero is usually the main antagonist and not the villain. The anti-hero struggles to adjust/conform into society and the government. They challenge society, they are brave, wise, and doesn't always get their way, they are usually murdered or brainwashed.

Part II

Macbeth was brave, he knew what he wanted and he was willing to do whatever it was to get his way. He wanted power and control. He thought he could accomplish everything he wanted without being caught, and since the witches told him the prophecy that he couldn't be defeated until the woods move and no man from a women can harm him, he was confident that he will rule for his whole life. But when the woods "moved" and Macduff told him he was "ripped out of his mother" therefore he was not born of a women, he was slaughtered by Macduff and his reign ended.

Part III

V from "V for Vendetta" was an anti-hero, he challenged society and the government. Society lived under a dystopian society and V anted that to end, he also wanted revenge. V wanted to blow up the Parliament to create justice. He was defeated in the way that he died but he was aided by Eve to blow up Parliament,