2nd Grade Bengal Bulletin

Week of November 13 - November 17

A Few Reminders!

  • This Friday is our Boosterthon GLOW RUN! Keep getting those pledges in so we can raise money for our school, get some awesome class rewards (like throwing a PIE in their teacher's face!), and even some fun rewards involving our principals (like getting to make them into a human Sundae!)
  • Thankful Parties are this Friday at 10:00 am. Hope to see you there!
  • There will be no school Thankgiving week. Enjoy this time with your family!
  • 2nd Grade is working on transferring all of our documents and videos onto Canvas for a 'one-stop shop' experience! We are almost finished! Please remember that this is a constantly evolving process where we are adding things as we come across them. If you have something you would like to see on our Canvas page, please contact your child's teacher and let them know!


We will be continuing to look at Non-Fiction texts, but turn our focus now to Procedural Texts, which are things like how-to books, manuals, game directions, recipes, anchor charts, and lab directions. We will explore what these things have in common, work on finding the main idea of a text, move on to sequencing, and then author's purpose (why did the author write this?).
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Word Study

We will be continuing on with our next round of Word Sorts this week. Your child will bring them home on Monday! You can access activity directions by visiting our 2nd Grade Canvas page HERE and scrolling down to "Word Study." We are doing daily activities at your child's individual spelling level, and can only get better with repeated practice at home! Thank you for your support!
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It is time to publish!! We are publishing our Non-Fiction books this week and then we get to celebrate with 1st grade as we read each other our books!

In grammar, we will continue to distinguish between singular nouns and plural nouns. We will also have a checkup late in the week.

dog = singular (only one)

dogs = plural (more than one)

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This week, we will wrap up our Numeracy to 999 Unit. We will have a MATH TEST on Wednesday, November 15th. A study guide was sent home / emailed with your child last week.

Our Math Test will cover:

  • composing (building) and decomposing (breaking apart) numbers to 999 (Ex: 9 hundreds, 9 tens, 9 ones, or 9 hundreds, 8 tens, 19 ones, etc. )

  • representing a number in standard, expanded, word, and pictoral form (Ex: Standard: 356 / Expanded: 300 + 50 +6 / Word: Three Hundred Fifty-six, and Pictoral)

  • generating (coming up with) a number greater than or less than 999 (Ex: 346 > ____)

  • comparing and ordering numbers to 999 (Ex: Order the numbers 254,235, 231 from least to greatest à 231, 235, 254 )

  • locating numbers on an open number line (Ex: locate 225 on a number line)

  • determining if a number is even or odd (Ex: 27 is odd because the ones place is a 7, which is odd)

  • determining 10 or 100 more or less of a given number (Ex: What is 100 more than 23? 123)


This week we will continue our energy unit by learning sound energy. Students have previously learned that sound energy is caused by vibrations. We will further this lesson by teaching how changing the vibration causes the sound to change. For instance, pounding a drum will increase the sound energy, lightly tapping a drum will decrease the sound energy coming from the drum.

Important Vocabulary: Increase and Decrease

  • Increasing light energy on objects causes them to become clearer and brighter.
  • Decreasing light energy causes things to get darker or dimmer.
  • Increasing heat energy on objects makes them melt, burn, change color, or get hotter.
  • Decreasing heat energy on objects means they cool down or even freeze.
  • Increasing sound energy is when the sound gets louder (screaming, yelling, etc).
  • Decreasing sound energy is when things get softer (like a whisper).
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Social Studies

We will be able to understand how citizens participate in their own government! We will have a mock town hall meeting!