Abbey Jones

Health Survey Report

A survey was conducted using survey monkey to investigate the health of people in a range of age groups. The questions could either have a yes/no answer or be chosen from a list of options. Friends and family were asked to complete the survey on their own electronic device. People who didn't have an electronic device were interviewed by me. This was a limitation because the people were having to tell me their answers instead of it being anonymous. This may have made some people uncomfortable and they may not have been as truthful in their answers. Most of the people who answered the survey were female so there wasn't as good a range of genders as there could have been.

What is your current occupation?

6 out of 9 people responded that they are students. Others included a teacher, a team leader and a sales person.


Most of the people interviewed were relatively healthy. Some of the responses were a bit surprising. I didn't realise that there was such a range in the amount of people who do physical activity. I also didn't know that almost half the people that were interviewed, took part in a team sport. The information I gathered showed that once people get older they don't exercise as much. It also showed that younger people have parents that will make them eat all the right foods while older people can make their own decisions and probably don't eat enough fruit and vegetables. The group of people interviewed and the range of questions was very small so it is hard to make accurate judgments on peoples health.