Science 8 Space Unit

Module 2/3 Update

Students get to check out the sun!

Students in all of the science 8 classes got to go take a peek at our closest star, the sun, last week. Students were able to see the sun and realized how small it really looks by using a special lense typically used in a welding shield.

What's new this week?

Students are currently finishing up the Space unit in class. So far we have covered...

  • Module 2 Projects
  • Discussing the dawn of Astronomy with Galileo vs. Aristotle!
  • Currently completing a Star Analysis Lab.
  • We will be completing a Seasons Lab using Vernier digital probes purchased with a grant from last year.
  • Students went outside to observe the sun.
  • Discussed tides and eclipses.

Module 1 and 2 Projects!


Wednesday, April 9th, 9pm

Ballston Spa, NY, United States

Ballston Spa, NY

Students will be having their unit test on the Space Unit on Wednesday next week. The test may change by one day or so due to the ELA testing schedule this week which will result in shorter class periods.