"Mexican" is not a Noun

"Mexican" is not a noun or an adjective
"Mexican" is a life long low-paying job

a check mark on a welfare police form

More than a word a nail in the soul but

It hurts it points it dreams it offends it cries

It moves it strikes it burns just like a verb

Main Idea

That being called American isn't offensive. But the term Mexican is. It is used as a way to keep a large portion of the "minority" from achieving anything in life. These terms are nothing more than words that explain where we come from and should be treated as just words, not as anchor or wings.


Mexicans are more than just a pest to society. They're just people trying to better their lives. Despite all the stereotypes and racial slurs about them. People say that they steal jobs from hardworking Americans when they are just taking the ones that no one else will do. Despite all the hate, they still believe that here, in the land of opportunity, they can make a better life.

Original Poem