Ergonomics 101

Learn ergonomics at the worksation

You need breaks every 30 minutes

Take a break and get some exercise to stretch your sore muscles.Otherwise you could get a bunch of health problems like headaches, strain to the eyes, back pain, fatigue and etc.

Proper Lightning

You need proper lighting so that you do not strain your eyes when you look at the computer screen.Make sure that the lighting is not too poor because it can first of all put a lot of strain to your eyes.

A Few Key Tips

Document Holder

Without a document holder have to move your neck around a lot which can be dis comfortable. With a document holder you can easily place it right next to your computer so you don't need to move your neck around too much

Computer Monitor should be positioned properly

Make sure the computer screen is aligned or a bit below eye level so that when you are looking at the screen you’re looking straight at it and not putting strain on your eyes.