The Palace of Memories

by: Abbey Clouse

Memory Palace

This topic seemed really interesting to me. I loved the name that went with the idea, and i thought it would be easy to relate to. I chose this certain topic to find out how your memory effects you now and who you were.

What is it?

The memory palace technique is almost like building a blueprint for your mind. It helps you remember improtant things that you want to remember. This technique relies on memorized relationships in order to recollect other memories. The method is to assign objects or facts to different rooms in a imaginary house or palace.


What is going on in the brainat this time?

what parts of the brain are being used?

what parts of the brain ar failing?

whats going on in there?

Encoding is a huge step in creating a memory. it allows the idem of what you are thinking to be converted into something that can be stored within the brain, and then recalled later from short-term or long-term memory. The brain creates images for each idem or thing that you see and copies it into your brain.

Deep inside the medial temporal lobe is the region of the brain known as the limbic system, which includes the hippocampus, the amygdala, the cingulate gyrus, the thalamus, the hypothalamus, the epithalamus, which help with processing of memory.

The parts of the brain associated with memory that are being used are working just fine, but what about the rest of the brain? Every part of the brain has an important job but they all need energy to work, all of the energy is being focused on that one part of the brain causing the other parts to not be as active.

Experiments & scientists

Simonides of Ceos discovered the popualr technique known as the memory palace, while identifing bodies in the wrekage of a collapsed building that he had been sitting in moments before it happened. Records of the technique only go back to Simonides in the 6th century BCE, but its possible that its much older. Experiments were not really experiments. It just involved people using the technique over and over until they had mastered their own memories.

Secrets behind the mind

From the very popualr show "Sherlock" the main character, Sherlock Holems, has many different ways to build his memory, but in a different way. Sherlock Holmes’ mind palace, however, isn’t the typical type of storage place for the method of loci. Most people when they start out building a palace choose a place very familiar, such as the home they grew up in. But when viewers finally get a look inside Holmes’ palace, they see how different his mind really is. Throughout this show, it is told that he has many encounters with situations in which his mind play come in, it helps him within matters of survival.