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An Update from Principal Knoeppel, July 14, 2020

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Hello Lincoln Families!

We hope everyone is having a safe and happy summer! It has certainly been different from our previous summers, but we hope you have been able to enjoy quality time with your families. There has been so much in the news this summer and recent information shared by CCSD15. We recognize families have many concerns and questions. Rest assured that we continue to work hard with Lincoln colleagues and CCSD15 administrators to figure out the best plan to have your children return to school safely. At this point in time, we thought it would be prudent to give you an update on things we have been working on to get ready for the reopening of school at Lincoln.

First Priority:

  1. Please make sure you fill out the Google form regarding which plan you want to utilize for your child this fall. (In school learning or remote) The link is here. The deadline is midnight Monday, July 20. Here is the Road Map shared by the district.
  2. Please make sure your information is updated in Infinite Campus. Please remember to register your child and check that information is updated. The link is here.
  3. There will be a date set soon for Chromebook and cord drop off so that they can be cleaned and redistributed.

Arrival/Dismissal Plan at Lincoln:

  1. Once we see how many students will need to ride the bus, this will determine if bus schedule times will be staggered. Transportation will let us know the outcome, based on the information turned in by parents.
  2. Students will be expected to wear a mask on the bus and will be seated apart on the bus. If driving your child to school is possible, we encourage you to do so in order to have more room on our buses.
  3. Upon arrival, each grade level classroom will be assigned to a specific supervised entrance to have more direct access to the classroom. More information regarding the door your child should go to each morning will be forthcoming once classroom sections are finalized.
  4. Dismissal will be staggered using multiple doors for exit around the building.

Social Distancing:

  1. All students and staff will be wearing masks.
  2. Signs will be posted throughout the building to remind students to follow social distancing.
  3. Students will be taught through PBIS classroom visits our safety procedures. For example, use "Airplane Arms" so all can visually understand how to stay apart in the classrooms, hallways, and on the playground. Hand washing, use of hand sanitizers will also be covered.


  1. Special area teachers will go to the classrooms to deliver art, music and PE instruction. The special area teachers may take the class outside weather permitting. The gym may be used for one class at a time, but more information on this plan will be forthcoming.
  2. There may be some classes who will move to a different location outside of the classroom for specials.

Classroom Space:

  1. Students will be seated in desks facing forward with students at least 3 feet apart.
  2. Students will not be sharing materials.
  3. Washroom and handwashing breaks will be scheduled.
  4. Students will be escorted if they need to go to the office.


  1. In order to have enough coverage and socially distance spaces outside for recess, Lincoln will use a 20/20/20 plan. Students will eat for 20 minutes, be inside for 20 minutes and go outside for 20 minutes.
  2. Groups of classrooms will be eating at the same time. Classrooms will be closely supervised by staff.
  3. Groups of classrooms will go outside and be in the same cohorts in zones. There will be zones set up outside in the back of the building and on the side of the building for play. Each day groups will rotate to a new zone throughout the week. "Airplane Arms" for social distancing will be enforced so students keep their distance from one another. Students will be closely supervised.
  4. Students do not have to wear masks at recess since they are outside and social distancing.
  5. There will be a hand washing schedule for each class before they eat lunch.

Classroom Materials:

  1. Students will not be sharing materials. For example, each child will have their own bag of manipulatives for math.
  2. Reading materials will need to be rotated out and set aside for three days to keep them germ free. There will be a rotation for this or additional materials provided.
  3. Masks have been recently added to the school supply list. We encourage students to hve more than one mask on hand. However, we will have disposable masks available for those who may need them.
  4. All water fountains and bottle fillers will be closed for the time being. Please send enough water with your child for the day.

Virtual Learning:

  1. Virtual learning class rosters will be worked on once the names of families choosing this option have been gathered.
  2. More information will be shared regarding materials, teacher name, and teacher plans once sections are finalized.
  3. Students will be placed in classes potentially with students from throughout the district and will be in these classes until we are back in Phase five, or for the year.
  4. Once we have more information, we will share with families regarding Virtual Learning.

Meet The Teacher and New Family Orientation

  1. New Family Orientation will either be virtual or held at Lincoln with small groups. This plan is still under consideration.
  2. Meet the Teacher will be virtual. More information will be forthcoming from your classroom teacher.
  3. Parent Orientation will be virtual. More information will be shared at a later date.

We realize families have many more questions. This update is meant to share with you what we are currently working on and to address general questions. We will continue to keep you updated as we firm up our reopening plans. Please don't hesitate to call the office (847.963.5700) or email us if you have any questions. ( and Please call the office before coming to school. Due to construction, the office is inside Door 10 in the art room off Farmgate. Despite the uncertainties we are currently facing, we are excited for the 20-21 school year with our incredible Lincoln community.


Mary E. Knoeppel and Ellen Pape

Lincoln Principal and Lincoln Assistant Principal

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