Weekly Newsletter

Do all balls roll? What makes a ball move? Who uses balls?

This were our investigations for this week. We used vocabulary like "fast", "slow", "ramp", "high", "low"... We are learning so much!

We started on Monday continuing with ramps in the blocks and testing them with different balls. We encouraged children to test and make predictions.

We read "The 3 Little Pigs" and they loved this story! It gave them the opportunity to play with puppets in Library, build houses in blocks, paint with straws and balls, and use puzzles about it.

Continuing with letter recognition, we used bean bags to dance and toss. Each bean bag had their letter and we called on them this way. They absolutely loved the song Bean Bag Rock .

Thursday and Friday was all about sports! We talked about their favorite sports, we had a walk around our soccer field, tennis court and basketball court, we played with ball at the playground.

We have also been working on our Friendship Skills! We enjoyed a two part screening of Elmo's World about Friendship.

Please take a look and enjoy their experience!

Building Blocks

Blocks provide children with the opportunity to exercise a variety of skills that will help them later in life.

  • Problem solving
  • Symbolic thinking
  • Social interaction
  • Math concepts
  • Motor skills

Just to name a few!

Their tower, buildings, and castles are now taller, wider and made with such purpose and detail! Take a look where they are now!

Library Center getting richer and richer!

Story Boxes are becoming very popular in our classroom. We take objects, props, toys and pictures to fill a box related to the Read Alouds...and they love it! This week we read "The 3 Little Pigs". Children built the house of hay (yarn), sticks (lolly sticks), and bricks (blocks) and "huffed and puffed" to try to blow then in. They are improving so much in Retelling Skills!


This week we created so many things in art!

  • We used dot-a-dot to fill the letters. And later, used the Environmental Print to do a game of "I Spy with my Little Eye" looking for their initials.
  • We used straws and paint to make a "Blow Art" just like the Big Bad Wolf would do
  • Boxes, balls and paint were the material to crate a "Roll Art". We tilted and shook the boxes to have the ball do the work for us


We continue to play with balls in our Discovery Center. Using scales, magnetic balls and discovery tubes.

Also, using shadow puppets for the light table has turned out great. Retelling the story this way is so different and interesting!

Snap Shots!

Writing Center

Where do we use balls?

We took a long walk around school looking for the places where we could use balls. We saw the basketball court full of kids from middle school. They were kind enough to give us a basketball demonstration.

When they saw the soccer field they all screamed "goaaaal".

We also saw a tennis court and learned that some of our friends play tennis.

Healthy Choices

Hi everyone!

This week I wanted to remind you about Healthy Choices and the options. As stated in the Welcome Packet:

"All children eat a snack mid-morning sent from home. Please do NOT send

peanuts- some children are allergic to nuts. Also do not send sweets, chocolate,

fizzy drinks or drinks in glass bottles.

PLEASE NOTE: We follow a healthy food policy & will not permit “junk food”

from Monday to Thursday. Friday is the day for SAFE junk food- i.e. Still no

fizzy drinks or peanuts but potato chips are allowed!"

Please bring:

  • Sandwiches, pancakes, arepas, french toasts...
  • Fruits and fruit purees
  • Crackers and dips or cheese

And others!

Please avoid:

  • chocolate cookies such as chokis and oreos
  • chips (except on Fridays)
  • Gummies (except on Fridays)
  • Piroulin

And others!

Thank you!


  • Relay for Life next weekend!
  • UN Day (Oct.21st)
  • Parent Teacher Conference (Oct.14th and 15th)
  • Thursday, October 15th No School (PTC)
  • Picture Day (Oct. 27th)
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