Registered Nurse

Stephanie Salgado

Job Description

A registered nurse is a person who is trained and in charge to take care of people that are sick or infirm, especially in the hospital.

Job Skills

You need to be able too:

1. Communicate

2. Comfort people when times get tough

3. Listening skills

4. Speaking skills

5. Organization skills

6. Figure out what has to be done quick.

7. You need to be able to handle all sorts of situations the correct way.

Duties & Responsibilities

- Provides and Coordinates patient care

- Educates patients and the public about various health conditions

- Provides advice and emotional support to patients and their family members

Education Requirements

- Bachelor's Degree in nursing

- Associate's Degree in nursing

- Diploma from an approved nursing program

- You must also be licensed

Job Outlook

- 19% (Faster than average)

This means that there's an amount of people that join nursing every year, so this number always increases. Faster than any other.

Salary & Work Environment

The salary is-

$65,470 per year

31.48 per hour

This may go up. It's been going up for a while. This has been the salary since 2012. Studies say that this may go up once again.

Related Courses & Expirience

If you have decided to become a registered nurse, there is some related courses you may take to allow you know if this is really what you want before it actually happens. You can take courses here at Leyden such as Medical, Human Development, Child Development, etc. You can volunteer somewhere, get yourself trained so you can prepare yourself for later on.