Super Second Grade News

"Walk in Faith with Mercy and Grace."

Week of March 14- March 18, 2016

Hello Parents,

I hope you all had a nice and relaxing weekend! I am sending home information on Flat Stanley/Flat Stella this week. Please have your child decide where they would like to send their Stanley/Stella by Wednesday March 16. If you are going on vacation over spring break, please just write the place where you will be taking Stanley/Stella. More information and items will be sent home at the end of this week.

There is also a mandatory parent meeting Tuesday March 15 at 7pm.

St. Patrick's Day is this Thursday and as a little way to celebrate, I would like it if each child brought in a green food item to share with the class. Examples: celery, grapes, green tortilla chips, mint oreos, etc. Feel free to bring in an Irish food item to the class, if that is more fun for you! The students may also wear a green shirt and accessories with uniform bottoms to school that day.

Please make sure to read the Newsletter each week to see whats the latest news.

Our weekly newsletter will be sent via email as a more effective way to communicate with you. If you would like a hard copy sent home, please let me know and I will be happy to send that home on Monday's.

Weekly Events

Tuesday: Mandatory Parent Meeting-7pm

Wednesday: Mass Uniform

Thursday: Late start-9:15; wear green accessories w/ uniform bottoms; bring in a green food item to share

Friday: Stations of the Cross at 11am; Noon dismissal; optional parent/teacher conferences

A Flash About Our Week

  • Read 10 minutes each night
  • A.R. homework Wednesday
  • Reading The Sign Maker's Assistant- comprehension and vocabulary assessment Friday
  • Small Group- reading Dogs- phonics and comprehension assessment Friday
  • Daily 5 practice- read to self, listen to reading, read to someone, word work, and work on writing. We will be doing this in the class to increase our Language Arts practice.
  • Reflex Math- **free app on the iPad or can be used on a computer. Please go to and click on launch at the top right hand corner. Username is Spartans2. Students have their passwords in their homework folders. Please have your child practice their math skills for 10 minutes each night using reflex math.
  • working on time measurement
  • Unit 23 Assessment-Friday

Social Studies:

  • Flat Stanley/Stella project. Informations sent out today. More to come the ed of this week. Decide on a destination for Flat Stanley/Stella. Due after Easter vacation


  • Exploring how items change when heated or cooled. Can the change be reversed?

Weekly Words to the Rescue!

Unit 23 Spelling List

1. way

2. weigh

3. sent

4. great

5. scent

6. heal

7. heel

8. it's

9. its

10. cell

11. sell

12. sail

13. A penny is worth one cent.

14. Use this tool to grate the cheese.

15. I buy jeans cheap at the sale.

Small Reading Group-sight words from the story Dogs-2nd grade level

1. coat

2. chews

3. hairy

4. food

5. light

6. sink

7. paws

8. take

9. bite

10. come

11. My dog is hairy.

12. I have a warm coat.

Story Vocabulary

agreed- to have said yes to something

trouble- problems

cleared- to have taken things away from someplace

failed- not succeeded

polite- respectful

assistant- someone who helps another person

tearing- damaging something by pulling it apart

wisdom- good sense of judgement

Miss Ekno

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns. If you would like to set up an appointment with me, I am available after school from 3:15-4:00pm.