By: Asia Jacobs


The career I chose was dancing. I chose this career because its a hobby I do at home. Its good for me because its a great way to stay in shape. And keeps me body firm. My career cluster is performing arts. I like to communicate with other people. This is my dream to become a professional dancer or choreographer.

My salary

Depending on the type of dancer my salary is 21.28 or 16.87. The type of dancers there are is a hip hop, dancer ballet dancer, pop dancer, and also choreographers. The choreographers salary is 22.09.

Training and Education

My required degree is a bachelors degree. Other type of training I need to be either a choreographer or dancer is intensive summer training.

Work Environment

I would prefer to work indoors because if we work out doors, and the weather is bad then that's not good. :P Dancing doesn't require office or field work. And you have to have like a type of dress for the work you do I putting them to wear like shorts and T-shirts. Dancing also requires individual and group work.


  • Practice
  • On time show up
  • Best effort
  • Appropiate dress
  • Behaivor on high expectations


I have interest in pursuing this career after all of the researching because I love to do it and it's a hobby for me everyday. Also can't go one day without doing so.