The Weekly Surge

March 22, 2016

Easter Is Hopping Up On Us!

Do you have any big plans for Easter this year? Coloring eggs with the kiddos again? Are you doing something else worth taking a photo of this upcoming three day weekend? Then take a photo or two and show us what fun you had! We'd love to see them!

Last week the Austin team had a St. Patrick's Day "Everything Green" Party. EVERYTHING at the party was green. The snacks, the ice cream punch, the (shamrock) music, and even the accessories -- a leprechaun and a pot-o-gold wall to take selfies or group pictures. Everyone had a blarney of a time.

Since last Thursday, Elgin team members have been scanning the March Madness Challenge Pool to see if one their teams survived the first weekend of the NCAA Men's Basketball tournament. By Sunday night 48 teams were eliminated from the tourney, which brings down the number of remaining teams to the sweet sixteen. Good luck to those who still have a team left in the contest!

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Welcome to our new section "Ask An Expert." Every week we'll ask an expert something that may or may not be in their field. Let's kick things off with Austin's very own, Eric Weber.

So Eric, as the head of HCS Engineering, what do think Kanye West should do to get out of his financial bind?

It’s a little known fact that Kanye West is a cousin of Adam West, who played Batman in the ‘60s TV series. My first recommendation to Kanye would be to ask Cousin Bruce Wayne to take out a home equity loan on Stately Wayne Manor and pay off the $53 mil, which is kind of pocket change for superheroes anyway.

If that doesn’t work he could probably get some money from Taylor Swift since everyone knows he made that b%^&* famous. If for some reason that falls through, I feel like there is a huge untapped market for a rap song about Donald Trump. Maybe a remix of “Can’t Tell Me Nothing”.

Oh, sorry, got to go. It’s the Kim Kard on the line again. Kayne this, Kayne that. So much drama.

Great advice Eric! Thank you again being a good sport and our Expert this week.

If you have a question… ANY QUESTION… that you'd like to Ask An Expert please email us at as soon as you can. Next week we'll bring you another Expert. Be prepared though, the next Expert might be YOU!
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Interactive Health - AUSTIN'S LAST DAY TO SIGN UP!

Evaluation dates are only a one week away for Austin. Please sign up before all the available spots are gone. Don't let that $300 discount go to waste.

Austin's last day to register is TOMORROW - Wednesday, March 23rd.
There are only 6 time slots left on the March 29th evaluation day.
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Employee Spotlight For This Week

Here's what he tells us about himself:

My Role: Technical Support / Field Commissioning and Troubleshooting

Job Likes: Traveling and meeting new people on my way.

Outside Work: Riding my motorcycle, Weight-lifting and Training Mixed Martial Arts.

Length of Employment: 5 years

Favorite Food(s): Pizza and tacos

Vanilla or Chocolate: Mint Chocolate-Chip

If You Could Be A Superhero, What Superpowers Would You Want To Have?: Superman, he’s a mix of all the super powers I would like to have.

Describe Yourself In Three Words: Crafty, Goofy and Dedicated.

Thank you for all that you do to support the efforts of the Hubbell Lighting Components Business Team!

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