Life in Elementary Education

Excitement is never short lived in elementary school!

Add a Little Style to Your Work

When I walked in to Ms. McEwen's Kindergarten classroom, I never expected that I would WANT to keep going back. Ms. McEwen has a real love for her students and the students have an equally strong love for Ms. McEwen. The atmosphere from this room was so happy, eager and friendly. The students all got along very well together, (for the most part) and all of the students were all too ready to fulfill the tasks and assignments that Ms. McEwen had instructed of them. Ms. McEwen knew each student and adhered to the learning style that would guarantee the student's success in whatever activity they were to accomplish for the day. I enjoyed chatting with and helping each student and am very proud to say that I left knowing each student's name and favorite school activity!

All Work and No Play?

After observing Ms. Bell's third grade classroom, I can honestly say that it was an experience I won't soon forget. The atmosphere from this room seemed disconnected. I didn't really get that feel of student-teacher connection or even student-student connection. The classroom activities and subjects seemed to be rushed and uninteresting. Ms. Bell did was a first year teacher, so it could have been that she just didn't have enough time to get her feet wet before I got the opportunity to observe her room, but I feel that if she would have spruced the learning activities up a bit more, made it a little more fun and engaging, it would be a much better and exciting place for children to learn.

The Busy Life of Our Youth!

Business and Pleasure, Hand in Hand

I am extremely happy that I got to have this experience. It really opened my eyes to how much work, joy and dedication come from these hardworking teachers. I've known for a while that teaching is something that I would love to do, that teaching is something that would bring me joy every day. While I know this is a job, working with such energetic, eager and curious children can make this work extremely fun and rewarding for both the students and teachers in the long run!