Miss Heckathorne's Classroom News

Starside Elementary

Specials Schedule

11/11 T - Music/PE

11/12 C - Library

11/13 O - Art

11/14 M - Music/PE

11/15 E - Computer

What We Are Learning


Topic 2: Generate and Analyze Patterns

Our objectives for the week are as follows:

  • extending function tables by finding inputs and outputs
  • determining the rules for patterns and function tables
  • extending geometric patterns
  • problem solving by using reasoning


Identifying Text Structure with Articles

Our objectives for the week are as follows:

  • identifying the four main text structures within different types of text
  1. cause/effect
  2. problem/solution
  3. sequence
  4. compare/contrast

Summarizing with Picture Books

Our objectives for the week are as follows:

  • retelling literature and including characters, setting, and plot
  • creating a written and oral summary of picture books


The Land of Nod

Our writing prompt will be based off the poem listed above. The prompt is: "I would like to live in the Land of Nod forever - Agree or disagree with this statement and support your opinion with evidence from the text." The students are currently working on drafting their introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.


Our Changing Earth

This week we are finishing Our Changing Earth. The students will learn about erosion, weathering, and natural disasters that shape the earth. The students will have the opportunity to learn from two hands-on experiments this week. We are also focusing on taking notes and integrating writing into science.

Reading Responses

This week the students will be sharing their weekly reading responses through an online flyer. The link is listed below, and we will add to our flyer each day this week. By Friday the flyer will be complete and I will re-send the link for parents to read and enjoy!



This is our spelling routine:

Monday: Orally Read and Spell, Copy and Spell, Cover and Spell, Uncover and Check

Tuesday: Word Meaning and Spelling Dictation

Wednesday: Word Study Activities (syllables, missing letters, etc.)

Thursday: Edit for Spelling Activities

Friday: Spelling Test (Includes sentences that the students must write using the words)

On Friday, the new spelling list for the following week will be introduced, and important consistencies will be pointed out, such as a phonetic or structural element.

Our hope is that having more time focused specifically on spelling will increase scores and will help students to transfer learned spelling patterns into their everyday writing. This will also help the students to see the words in a deeper context.

Please help your child practice their spelling words each week. For now, you can still use spellingcity.com but you'll just need to manually enter the words. Thank you.

This Week's List:



















Caring is Sharing Food Drive

Monday, Nov. 11th, 8:45am to Friday, Nov. 22nd, 3:45pm

35400 West 91st Street

De Soto, KS

We will be collecting nonperishable food items for our food drive. Students will receive community service points for donations and the class with the most food collected will earn a nacho/movie party.

Picture Re-Takes

Picture Re-Takes will be Thursday, November 14th.


Our Mission:

Through a collaborative learning community we will build a foundation upon which all students can develop essential academic and life skills.

Our Vision:

Starside will be a Learning Community (staff students, parents, and community members) that collaborates to:

· Provide a safe, positive environment that promotes academic growth, good character, and values diversity.

· Implement researched-based strategies to ensure students achieve academic skill

· Maximize learning time to focus on essential skills

· Monitor student growth based on high expectations