Lance's Ledger

November 16 - 20 at Central Elementary

Parent-Teacher Conferences Foster Partnership

Caring, compassion and dedication of our teachers and office staff shone brightly during conferences this past week. Parents were highly complimentary of the way teachers shared hopes and dreams for their children. I met with 16 parents, including conferences I sat in on this time. Time and time again, parents spoke of the way teachers were working toward solutions or plans with their children. This serves as evidence that consistent expectations and a focus on helping each child grow is making a difference and the message is getting through to our stakeholders.

Over half the parents I spoke with specifically mentioned the term "self-monitoring" as new vocabulary in their homes. Parents recognize you are teaching kids to be responsible and control their own actions. The feedback serves to let us know kids are "learning" and believing in the very concept of 'Self-monitoring." Going forward our charge ifs to reflect on what we have learned about our students from parents and use that knowledge to make even more inroads to supporting student learning. The intensity of our efforts must be sustained and intensified as we examine student data (including information from P/T conferences) to push ahead to the next level.

Thanks for staying the course, welcoming parents as partners, and putting kids first!

Leadership and Hope Bring Achievement

During the past week parents and kids have sought help through teachers, counselors. principal and secretaries. Some of the situations are very challenging and could have become much more serious if not for the intervention of caring staff. Some of these situations come from atypical settings such as middle class homes where parents are just overwhelmed with balancing educational and social needs of their children with economic challenges. None of us ever had a class in college about how to teach hope. That skill comes from the commitment you made when you decided to enter the teaching profession or work for a school. That skill comes from a deep belief that you do make a difference.

The following video from Franklin Covey highlight's one school's and one family's triumph in finding the leadership withing themselves to change hopelessness into achievement. It serves as a reminder that great things do happen when professionals believe in students and help kids discover the leader in themselves.

Cool to Care!

Can we beat last year's goal of 1700 cans of food in the annual Cool to Care event? I think so. Let's get our kids fired up to help others have food on their tables during the holiday time. Staff members are invited to participate in our building level challenge again this year. If you bring in 10 cans of food you will earn a Jeans Day coupon. More importantly, you will help provide food for a family in need. Thank you for your kindness and compassion!

This Week at Central

Monday, November 16

  • Alternate Conference Follow-Up

Tuesday, November 17

  • SI Meeting with A. Hards, E. Chorley & L. Harper (9-10 AM)
  • Grade 3 Concert @ DHS (7 PM)

Wednesday, November 18

  • Lance out of office for the day; Head teachers in charge.

Thursday, November 19

  • Special Education Leadership Group (7:40-8:10 AM) Conference Room
  • CST Meetings
  • Principals' Mtg @ Cardinal Center (9:30 - Noon)
  • Lance out of building after 3 PM

Friday, November 20

  • Meeting with bldg. Reps. (7:40 AM)
  • Popcorn Day Reward for Box-Tops from PTO
  • Table of Honor (all lunch hours)
  • Lance out of office after 1:30 PM

Looking Ahead

  • Nov. 24...PLC Grades 1-4 (Please include some debriefing regarding the Formative Assessment PD in your agenda)
  • Nov. 25...Staff Meeting 7:35 - 8:15 AM/Agenda: SIDR Training with Eric Chorley; CAP PLC from 2 - 3:20 PM
  • Nov. 26 -27...Thanksgiving Break/ No school
  • Dec. 4...Staff Christmas Party (7 PM)
  • Dec. 7...ACC from 4:15 - 6:15 PM; Board of Education Meeting (7 PM)
  • Dec. 8...Grade 2 Music concert 7 PM @ DHS
  • Dec. 9...Staff Meeting (Agenda: ACC Update; Behavior/Climate Goal Update & Progress; additional items TBD)
  • Dec. 10...Administration Meeting (9:30 AM); Movie Night Grades 3 & 4 (5:30-8 PM)
  • Dec. 11...Movie Night Grades 1 & 2 (5:30 - 8 PM)
  • Dec. 15...PLC Grades 1-4
  • Dec. 16...Staff Meeting (Agenda TBD); Brainstormers Takeoff Assembly (9 & 10 AM)
  • Dec 17...Principals' Meeting (9:30-Noon); CST Meetings
  • Dec. 21...GSRP Student Christmas Parties AM & PM
  • Dec. 22...Central Student Christmas Parties (PM)
  • Dec 23 - Jan. 3...Winter/Christmas Break

Thanks for Help at Dismissal

Thank you to staff for helping head teachers and me over the past week with dismissal times. It seems that we have needed to take some time for doctor visits and appreciate the help others have freely given. This week I will be going in for an additional knee procedure on Friday. Thank you for the concerns and well wishes. So far the old motorcycle and sports injury is responding to treatment.

Update on Staff Member

"Playground Pam" sends her thanks for thoughts and prayers regarding her surgery recovery. She is recovering at home and says she is already bored! We wish her well as she recovers and waits to start her physical therapy. Pam, don't get hooked on the soap operas and daytime TV! :)

Security Reminders

The tragic events of this weekend serve as a grim reminder that we live in a world faced with inherent evils and challenges. We join with the people of the the world who share values that respect humankind and the rights of people to live in safety, civility and happiness. Some of the new thinking we must all embrace is that of hoping for the best but preparing for the unexpected. Whether threats come from foreign or domestic sources we have procedures in place to enhance safety of all who come through our doors. this includes:

  • Wearing ID badges in plain sight.
  • Respecting the practice of refraining from blocking open locked outside doors.
  • Entering the building through the main entrance when students are present.
  • Keeping classroom doors locked and having access to your room keys at all times.
  • Keeping a class list with you during drills and enforcing drill protocols with students.
  • Noticing and reporting suspicious activity..being a set of observant eyes.

While these protocols may seem simple and sometimes a "nuisance" we need to be aware that the small things sometimes make the biggest difference. Thanks for doing your part to keep our workplace a safe environment for students and each other!

PTO Teacher Rep Sign-Up

Thank you to those teachers who have already taken a turn representing teachers at PTO meetings. The participation of teachers has been instrumental in aligning PTO goals with our school improvement goals and overall student needs. PTO is getting ready to look at authorizing renewal of Reading A-Z and Raz-Kid licenses from January 2016 - January 2017 (which will come in at a cost of approximately $4500). Our PTO has donated $9500 to purchase the additional Chrome Book Cart that just came in for Central. This donation will have a huge impact on preparation and scheduling of M-STEP testing this spring. PTO recently committed $3600 to cover assembly costs for us this year, supporting the recommendations of the teacher-led assembly sub-committee. Add to this book distributions, popcorn days, brag tags, and student prize incentives and we have an organization that will donate over $20,000 this year to bring in extras for Central kids and staff. What a great support in human resources and efforts!

If you have not signed up for a time to represent the teacher group at PTO this year, please do so. We only have meetings left in January through May. Most of the meetings have been lasting about 60-75 minutes (from 6 - 7:15 PM). Thanks for making this a priority!

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Wishing you a week of touching lives by inspiring hope in your students.