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September 28, 2018

A Message from Mrs. Robinson

Greeting Mooresville Middle School Families,

We are off to a strong start at MMS! Our seventh graders are settling in and our eighth graders have stepped up as the “seniors”of our school. This month I would like to take the time to bring the MMS Attendance policy to your attention.


Regular attendance is important throughout the year. Frequent absences interfere with your child’s progress toward meeting minimum standards for promotion. A student must be present until 11:00am in order to be recorded present for that day. Notification of absences by report card will be given at the end of each grading period.

Unexcused Absences

In accordance with the NC Compulsory Attendance Law, students who accumulate 10 unexcused absences are considered truant. These students and/or their parents or guardians may be referred to the district attorney.

For absences in violation of the Compulsory Attendance Law, notification will be sent by letter for the 3rd, 6th, and 10th unexcused violation.

Excused Absences

Students who are absent must submit a note signed by the parent within three days of the absence. If the note is received within three days and meets state-identified criteria, the student’s absence will be coded as excused.

**The following reasons have been identified by the state of the North Carolina as Excused Absences:

a.) Illness or injury (physically unable to attend school)

b.) Quarantine ordered by board of health

c.) Death in immediate family (grandparent, parent, brother, sister)

d.) Medical or dental appointment (note from physician/dentist)

e.) Court or administrative proceedings

f.) Religious observance

g.) Educational opportunity (prior approval from principal required)

Absences not meeting on the state-identified criteria will be coded as Unexcused Absences.

Absences and Course Credit

Students who miss more than 12 days in a course for the year will not receive a passing grade in that course. All absences (excused and unexcused) count towards this 12-day limit. Violation of the attendance policy may result in a student failing to meet local promotion standards. Opportunities to make-up excessive absences will only be offered during summer school. Making-up excessive absences does not guarantee a passing grade in a course.

Absences and Summer School

Students who miss more than 12 days during the school year and who do not qualify for or are denied a waiver of the attendance requirement must make up each excessive absence in order to receive a passing grade. In order to make up excessive absences students must attend summer school. Students choosing to complete make-up time in summer school must serve the entire term of summer school regardless of the amount of time to be made up.

Appeal Process for Excessive Absences

Students who do not receive a passing grade due to excessive absences have the right to appeal their case to the school-based Attendance Committee. In documented cases of extreme hardship (extended hospitalization, serious extended illness) the principal or Attendance Committee may decide to award a passing grade. Students seeking an appeal must submit a formal request for an appeal to the committee by the published deadline date in May in order to have their request reviewed by the Attendance Committee. Supporting documentation must also be included with the request for a waiver.

If you are interested in seeing a day in the life of a MMS student please sign up for our next parent tour on October 16, 2018 from 8am to 9am. You can reserve your spot by calling the front office. Our Instructional Coach and I will give you a tour of our school and you will have an opportunity to visit classrooms to see what goes on everyday at MMS from 7:30am-2:30pm!

If you ever have any questions or concerns please feel free to give me a call.


Ayana Robinson, Principal

Mooresville Middle School

From the Counseling Department

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If You See Something...Say Something

See Something, Say Something Form



8th Grade ELA Students are journeying to England to visit the land of Roald Dahl. We are exploring how reality and expectation do not always match creating a world of humor and suspense through irony. As we continue we will see how characters are more than they seem and how author’s create a world of wonder in short stories using characterization, setting, point of view, and other literary devices like flashback and foreshadowing.


Math 1:

Students are in the full swing of things by now having to remember the order of operations and other various items from previous years. We are using our base knowledge to continue to build on our ability to solve equation and inequality word problems. We will soon begin to work with linear and nonlinear functions which will allow them to begin using their TI-83 or TI-84 calculators.

8th Grade Math (Pre-Algebra):

Students have started learning Geometry goals in 8th Grade. Students are working with Transformation rules - translations, reflections, rotations, and dilations. Students are demonstrating their understanding by completing a Transformations Project. We will also use transformations to describe congruent and similar figures. Once we complete Transformations, 8th Grade students will start learning about functions, specifically linear functions.


8th grade science has just finished with the metric system and measuring skills where students completed a 4 part lab over two days in each of the 4 classrooms. They learned about and participated in measuring length, mass, volume, and a graphing lab as well. This week we are starting our study of the geological evolution of planet Earth over its history. Students will be learning about rock types and the rock cycle, continental drift and plate tectonics, earthquakes and volcanoes. We will be moving into the biological changes that have occurred on Earth and how genetics has led to adaptations of organisms and how major events in Earth history have led to several mass extinctions of all types of organisms.


Students started out the year learning the difference between primary and secondary sources. We have also learned & used a strategy called SOAPSTONE to help us analyze historical documents.

We have finished Unit 1 on Geography & Colonization. This unit focused on the 3 regions of NC and the original 13 colonies.

We are currently studying the causes of the American Revolution. And will be finished with Unit 2, Road to Revolution within the nest week.

Our last unit for quarter 1 is Revolution. We will focus on the Declaration of Independence, the battles, and the Articles of Confederation.


7th Science has been working on Scientific Inquiry, with the vocabulary that students need to understand science. This has also given us a few weeks to get to know our students and to teach them our procedures and expectations. So far, so good!

We are moving into our weather unit- we will begin with the layers of the atmosphere, moving to the water cycle, air masses, forecasting, global winds and being a good steward of the atmosphere/air quality. We use many teaching activities to allow the students the choices to learn and master the material. We might be using QR codes, matching task cards, cut and paste activities, foldables, classroom games, online simulations just to name a few. We do keep the students interested and involved in their learning- and accountable!

In the picture below, students are using Atmosphere QR code notes.

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What a great start to the new year! We are busy in Language Arts reviewing literary terms. Students are not only reviewing meaning of the terms but also diving into analyzing passages. In addition students are delving head first into our short story unit. Novel studies are on the horizon.


During the first 4 weeks of school, the 7th grade math department has covered unit rate in depth in regards to word problems, tables, graphs, and equations. We taught the students how to find the better buy, and they demonstrated their knowledge by completing a better buy project on items they found at a local store. We will begin teaching consumer math next week. During this topic, we will teach the students how to calculate tax, tip, discount, markup, and commission. We will be doing a real-life project with this topic to demonstrate to the students how consumer math is used in their everyday lives.


Reading Enhancement had our first book tasting. Students selected independent novels by tasting six different genres and some snacks! We solved our first mystery, tried our first breakout, and started two column notes - all within the first two weeks!


Chorus & Theatre Arts students shared something unique about themselves as part of our Identity Days. Not only did we get to know each other, but this also served as our first "performance." Check out these pictures!


Many of you may have seen the beautiful wings in downtown Mooresville. The 7th grade Art students have created one, right here at MMS for us to enjoy! There are so many connections that we can have the students make with a simple image of them with the wings. They can write about flying. What would it feel like? What would they see? Where would they go? They can read about flying and people with the power to fly. The CAVE has the Maximum Ride Series by James Patterson. How has the idea of flight changed throughout history? They can look at Leonardo da Vinci and they can connect with the Wright brothers.

I hope this piece of art can help students connect with the school and our community!

This video of #mmswingwall was created for IMPtv News by IMPtech member, Daveyon W.


7th graders are working on communication skills and getting ready to learn how to build their own resumes. 8th graders are learning about kitchen safety, sanitation, and food nutrition labels!


Students in Mrs. Sarver's World Cultures homeroom are working on creating displays to promote Hispanic-Heritage Month. The class has already been sharing facts relating to Hispanic-Heritage Month on the IMPTV news.

8th grade Spanish students are in the middle of their second unit of study. At this point, students should be able to give their name, age, birthday, phone number and talk about how they are feeling in Spanish. They can also recite the Spanish alphabet.

7th grade Exploring Language students are in the middle of studying Latin. They are able to say their name and how they are feeling as well as greet and say goodbye to people. They have also been learning about what life was like in Ancient Rome.

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