Northwest iPad Updates

Blog to detail what is happening at Northwest

Week of February 15


  • Open PDF from Assignment page in Canvas and copy to Notability
  • Take notes from video (iPad Care)
  • From Notability, transfer to files in Canvas
  • Submit assignment in Canvas

  • Review quiz taken in Canvas
  • Read instructor comment from essay question

  • Verified all students had 2 course cards: Music and Library/Computer Services

Week of February 8

Music class:

  • Opened Canvas on iPad to read Announcement (directions for project)
  • Used App for music writing project

Library class:

  • Authenticated
  • Closed out open Apps and open web pages
  • Logged into Canvas - read announcements
  • Small Activity in Educreation
  • 1:18 video Introducing Canvas Interface
  • Opened "Assignment" in Canvas
  • Took 6 question quiz in Canvas
  • Learned how to log off in Canvas
  • Deleted emoji keyboard


  • Sono Flex Lite for Speech Student

Other information:

  • myON app now working

Week of February 1

Library time:

  • Betty reviewed care of iPads and also web clipped Symbaloo to the Home Screen
  • During Title 1 Computer Lab time, Diana and Patti reviewed the Online Resources page and Introduced Canvas on the iPad and the laptop

Week of January 25, 2016

Students did the following during Library Class:

  • Learned to Authenticate; students asked to do daily as iPads seem to work better and makes it easier when information is sent out from the high school
  • Add Education City to Puffin Academy
  • Updated the URL within Destiny. Students can now search as a Guest
  • Learn how to close apps by double-clicking the home button and swiping up; students asked to do this daily at the end of the day or when they are done

Discussion about BrainPop and BrainPop Jr. apps. FINDINGS:

  • BrainPop website is written for mobile devices
  • BrainPop app is ONLY for the Featured Movie of the week
  • BrainPop Jr's website is NOT written for mobile devices and must be done on a computer
  • BrainPop Jr. does have an app but it is ONLY for the Movie of the Week

myOn APP issues:

  • myON website works; however, the APP does not
  • Contacted Technical Support, Jim Mitchell
  • Suggested uninstalling and reinstalling
  • Steve tried this and didn't work
  • Tried myON on teacher iPad and worked
  • Issue has something to do with the restrictions and will need to be looked at