The Flame Skimmer

Scientific Name: Libellula saturata

By: Geoffrey Billions


Naiad- This is a fairly large naiad, with a maximum length of 1 1/8 inches (28 mm). The abdomen is rounded, giving it a short, stocky appearance known as the sprawler form. It is covered with hairs, but has no hooks or spines as do many other naiads.
Adult- This is a large dragonfly with a length of 2 1/16 to 2 7/16 inches (52 to 61 mm). It is entirely red, including the legs and wing veins.

Adult Flight Season and Diet

The flight season is Mid-May to early September

Naiad- Naiads feed on a wide variety of aquatic insects, such as mosquito larvae, other aquatic fly larvae, mayfly larvae, and freshwater shrimp. They will also eat small fish and tadpoles.
Adult- The dragonfly will eat almost any soft-bodied flying insect including mosquitoes, flies, butterflies, moths, mayflies, and flying ants or termites.

Life Cycle & Location

It has a Hemimetabolous life-cycle which means it has an egg to pupae to nymph

Life: They usually live a few weeks to a few years depending on the species

They are mainly in south-east USA and in weather within 70 degrees

Main Habitats of the Flame Skimmer

Male Flame Skimmer Dragonfly in Sonoma, California