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about me brennan micheal mccroskey

I am nice cool and LOVE any type of music. my favorite app on my phone is i funny. i have 3 adult cats and 3 dad is deceased my mom works at subway.My brother works at meijers.My moms boyfriend ken does not have a job.I love every animal in the world. I hope i have a great 5th grade semester!

things i do at home

i love to play video games and play with my cats.

things at my house go pretty smoothly kens moving out in april or someday in may i am going to have my brothers room when eli moves eli is my brother. i nearly had a broken leg and a cut ankle. i got my foot stabbed by a broken toy.
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my love for animals !

i love any type of animals !

cats are super adorable and dogs are two ! baby animals are adorable and any animal needs there respective habitats !
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i love doing science projects and social studies I learn so much in science and social studies!

science is so much fun it lets me learn so much about ores,minerals,and chemicals !
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