Brittany Wenger

Artificial Brain


"When I was 15, my cousin was diagnosed with breast cancer. I have a very close-knit family, so seeing the impact that the disease can have on a woman and her family, firsthand, was so real to me. When I learned that one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime, I knew that I wanted to get involved in making the process better for patients. Now, the coding that I first used to help detect breast cancer has been extended into diagnosing other types of cancers, including blood-based diseases like leukemia."

Early life

Brittany Wenger:

DOB: 1994

From: USA

Born in Columbus, Ohio

She is a only child and the daughter of two working parents, she grew up in middle class suburban life style

How it all started

Brittany learned about artificial intelligence during a seventh-grade school project. She was immediately enthralled, bought a book on programming and taught herself how to code.

This passion to do something good and her curiosity for science combined with an environment where these qualities are celebrated at Out-of-Door allowed Brittany to shine.

The Out-of-Door Academy congratulates Brittany Wenger, Class of 2013, for winning the Grand Prize at the 2012 Google International Science Fair. Brittany wrote a computer program featuring artificial intelligence technology that detects breast cancer at a rate of 99% with a non-invasive aspiration biopsy.
A cousin of hers was diagnosed with breast cancer, she always excelled in all of her subjects