The Beautiful Taj Mahal

By: Tania Mcdonald

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The Taj Mahal was really built because of Shah Jahan's lost. Mumtaz Mahal passed away after having their fourteenth child. she was Shah Jahan's favorite wife out of three. The Taj Mahal means "crown of places.It brings loads of people every combines grace,beauty,peace, and power. it was built by Emperor Shah Jahan.It is a famous mausoleum in India

The Purpose Of The Brilliant Building

Emperor Shah Jahan married beautiful Queen Mumtaz Mahal. Mumtaz Mahal passed away after having their fourteenth child .Shah Jahan loved her more than anything. In Mumtaz Mahals Honor Shah Jahan built an gigantic building and named it the Taj Mahal. Shah Jahan got the last name Mahal from his beloved wife's last name.
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The Man Shah Jahan

Shah Jahan was an Emperor in 1628. He crowned himself king in Agro in India of course. He is a member of the Mughal Dynasty (sounds fancy) . Shah Jahan married Mumtaz Mahal in 1612 that is when loved began . Shah Jahan ruled Northern India in the early sixteenth through mid eighteenth century . He was the man.

The nice Construction

The Taj Mahal is constructed with beautiful white marble and inlaid with fabulous semi-precious stone . these beautiful precious stones include jade,crystal,lapis lauli,amethyst,and turquoise. The stromg workers used to build the brilliant Taj Mahal were onethousand elephants ! and twenty two people can you belive that who uses elephants to build buildings ? The height of the Taj Mahal is one hundred seventy one meters and five hundred sixty one feet that's really high . Mumtaz Mahals aweome tomb is located in the middle of the Taj Mahal . In the center it is built of shimmering, white marble that changes color depending on sunlight or moonlight!
The Taj Mahal was designed an UNESCO world heritage site in 1983. UNESCO means United Nations Education Science Culture and Communications Orginazation. To find more information about the Taj Mahal you can go to

Two FUN FACTS !!!!

  • The Taj Mahal stands on the southern bank of yamuna river
  • It still is one of the worlds favorite celebrated Buildings and is a symbol of India's rich history