The SS St. Louis Tragedy

A horrible story

Cause for setting sail

Shortly after Kristallnacht, a large population of Jews living within Germany decided it was best to leave. Of the group, a number boarded a german passenger ship named the SS St Louis. The ship was to sail straight for Cuba where many could later on, make it to freedom in the United States.

Events turn for the worst

The ship had to sail full speed to Cuba in hopes of beating other refugee ships, they learned too late that it wasn't even going to land in Cuba. Once they arrived in Havanna Harbor they were denied docking and spent several days in the Bay blocked by other ships preventing them from docking or leaving. Once they agreed to leave they were allowed to sail back to Europe with depressed hearts. The Jewish refugees were allowed into countries neighboring Germany that were later invaded during WWII. An unknown number had to return to the same hell they thought they could escape, they went back to Nazi Germany.