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In the News...

We had a super busy week learning about adjectives. The kids were excited about all the happenings taking place.

Our week began with tie-dying our class shirts. They had a blast squirting the dye onto their shirts and watching the colors mix together. Many thanks to Avery's and Justus' mom for coming to help with this. I unwrapped the shirts yesterday and they look great! I will need some help finishing them up. If you are good with "iron ons" let me know. We have a couple of paw prints and numbers to iron onto the shirts so that they will be ready for our Fall Party and Awards Ceremony on Friday.

To extend our learning with adjectives we focused on the book Go Away Big, Green Monster which used some great adjectives to describe the monster in the book. The kids helped pick these words out as we read it aloud; then they created their very own Big, Green Monster. They even did some descriptive writing of their own. These are hanging up in the hallway. You'll get to see them Friday when you come to our party.

Friday we focused on pumpkins. We used our Five Senses to share how they look, sound, smell, feel, and taste. We had such a great time with this. The fun part was digging our hands into the gooey pumpkin and pulling out its seeds. We also enjoyed tasting the pumpkin pie. To wrap up our pumpkin day, the kids worked collaboratively with their table teams to write descriptions of their pumpkins. They did a great job with this. Many thanks to all the parents and grandparents who sent in pumpkins, pies, cool whip, and utensils. Our pumpkin day would not have been successful without you!

In Math this week we focused on subtraction. Our math stations were loud, but fun this week as we explored this concept. At Hands on Math we did some bowling with plastic cups. The kids had to subtract the amount of cups they knocked down from the total of cups that were standing. Needless to say they loved this! At Math Lab, they played Minus Mission on the computers. Working with Numbers was their favorite. They used the iPads and QR codes to go on an addition and subtraction scavenger hunt. For Math Game they played a game called Picking Grapes. Some of these Math Stations would be good to try at home to help your child practice more with subtraction. Give them a try; your child can teach you how to do them =).

Don't forget that our Fall Party is Friday, Oct. 14th at 9:45. You are all welcome to come join in the fun. We will be wearing our class shirts that day, but we'll be putting them over an undershirt. We like to keep the shirts at school so that we can wear them for special events; this also helps us make sure we have everyone's shirt.

We need more items for our Fall Party; please check out the sign up genius below this section to help.

I hope you all have a super weekend and stay dry. Hopefully Hurricane Matthew will stay away from our area.

Take Care,

Ms. Gower


The following students have met the first goal of 5 pts for Accelerated Reader! Super Reading Friends. I am proud of you!

  • Shane- 6 pts
  • Eva- 5 pts
  • Makayla- 6 pts


  • Movie Night- Movie night has been postponed till next Friday the 14th due to the weather.

  • Treasure Box- I need a handy person; someone good with a hammer and nails. I have the best wooden treasure box ever, but the top broke off. If you think you can fix it that would be awesome!

  • Awards Day- Our Award Ceremony will be Friday the 14th at 2:45. I sent an email out to everyone whose child will be receiving an award that day. If you received the email, please plan on coming so that you can help celebrate your child's accomplishments.