Happenings at JHCS

March 2020 - Stay up to date on everything happening at JHCS

Upcoming Events at JHCS

March 5 - April 3 - Magical Reading Month - Read Below for More Information

March 6 & 9th - NO SCHOOL

March 10 - BYU Performance for 5th & 6th grades

March 13 - Talent show auditions must be completed by this day

March 13 - Kindergarten field trip

March 17 - St. Patrick's Day - Students may wear green socks, hair bow, jewelry or sticker

March 19 - Shakespeare in the Schools at PG High School - Read Below for More Information

March 20 - All Talent Show music must be turned in to Ms. Looney

March 20 - Battle of the Books

March 25 - End of Term - School released at 12:30 for all students

March 27 - Talent Show at 10am - Read Below for More Information

March 27 - Classic State Night at Classic Fun Center in Orem from 5 pm to 9 pm

March 30 - 1st-grade field trip

Do you receive texts from the school?

We have discovered that many of our parents are not receiving the school's text messages. You may be receiving texts from teachers, but not the school itself. You must opt in to receive these text messages. Please test the word "ALERT" to 22300.

Have you filled out an Intent to Return form yet?

We are still missing intent to return forms on our students. Please go to the link below and let us know if your child will be returning in the fall.


Time to Register for the Fall

Aspire Online Procedures for the New School Year

1. Please go to: https://jhancock.usoe-dcs.org

2. Click on the bottom box on the right / Register New Student(s)

(We know your student isn’t new but rather returning, however that click gets you to the correct place to complete the online “reregistration” for the fall.)

3. Now you will see a window with four boxes – please click on the green box on the right of the screen under Current which looks like this.

I already have an Aspire account.

Login and register student

This will take you to a screen that looks just like the screen you saw when you first logged onto the URL above. It is very important to complete steps 2 and 3 or you will not be in the correct place.

4. Log in with your login and password.

If you have forgotten either your login or password call the school (801-796-5646) and we will look up your login and change your password for you.

5. Be sure to click on your student(s) (one at a time). Verify the correct grade for the fall school year is displayed.

6. Now click on each blue item, read, review and sign where appropriate. Please edit emails, phone numbers, addresses and emergency contacts. This is how we keep in touch with you.

WELCOME to another Awesome School Year at

John Hancock Charter School!

Reading Month

We are so excited to start another "Magical Month of Reading!” This year’s term will run from March 5th - April 3rd and is going to be awesome! If you’re new to Hogwarts, or simply a Muggle, let us explain how this month works:


On Thursday, March 5th, classes will be sorted into the 4 Hogwarts’ Houses: Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, & Slytherin. The students will then work together to win the famous “Reading House Cup!” The Reading House Cup is presented each year to the House who has the most minutes read by the end of the month.


So how do you record your student’s minutes? On March 5th, your student will receive a Welcome Packet and Reading Month supplies, which includes their Reading Log to record minutes on. There are 4 columns on the Reading Log, which correspond to the 4 weeks. Please cut off the correct week and have your student turn it in on the stated THURSDAY. These forms must include the number of MINUTES READ and a PARENT SIGNATURE.

You can use the Google Form if you prefer digital submission. You must edit it each week. The first minute turn in will be THURSDAY, MARCH 12th. Please know that we also accept minutes for books on tape, as long as the student is following along with the book. Younger students may also count minutes read to them at home.


As with every challenge, there will be rewards for those who work hard! Students who read 20 minutes a night each week (140 total weekly minutes) will receive a prize on the following Friday! Prizes include:

  • Week 1 - Mad Eye Moody Eyeball Sucker and a Sticky Dragon

  • Week 2 - Cursed Ring (ring pop) and a Prophecy Punchball

  • Week 3 - Candy Wand (large pixie sticks)

  • Week 4 - A book and a feather quill pen


Students can also earn extra points for their House each week:

  • Week 1: GENRE Each student can earn an extra 200 Points for defeating each Horcrux by reading from different genres. This form will be in the students’ Welcome Packet and will be due April 2nd, since it takes time. Kindergarten will be receiving a different form, but will still be worth the same amount of points. ;)

  • Week 2: CHARACTER As a class, be a "Seeker" and seek the hidden characters around the school, and complete a character web for a story read (teachers are allowed to do these in class) - Due March 19th

  • Week 3: SETTING Students will be given a few math story problems to solve. Each of these story problems will take place in different settings of the Harry Potter books (teachers are allowed to do these in class) - Due March 26th

  • Week 4: COMPREHENSION - The students can earn extra points by filling out a simple book report (teachers are allowed to do these in class) - due April 2nd


Friday, April 3rd will be our school-wide House Cup Awards Ceremony from 1:00-2:00. There we will announce the winner of the Reading House Cup, recognize the Top Readers in each class and also the School’s Top Reader, and then have treats!. Kindergarten will be having their celebration earlier in the day. ANYONE is welcome to come join us in our celebration, so look out for our sign up on Track it Forward.

Encourage your student to READ, READ, READ! Because as J.K. Rowling said, “Something very magical can happen when you read a good book.”

Happy Reading!!!!

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