Legionnaire's Disease

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The disease is not communicable and people can only contract this disease by breathing in the bacteria. Usually people inhale the bacteria by breathing in water vapor or drinking water that has the bacteria in it.


Legionnaire's disease is a much more severe form of pneumonia. It is caused by a bacteria called legionella. It can cause flu like symptoms such as a high fever.
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Type of germ

Legionnaire’s disease is caused by a bacteria called legionella. Legionella can also cause an illness called Pontiac fever. This bacteria can be very lethal if not treated.

How the disease is transmitted

The disease is not communicable which means it cannot be spread from person to person. People are only infected when they inhale the bacteria by drinking contaminated water or breathing in contaminated water vapor.


Long term effects

Legionnaire’s disease can be fatal if it is left untreated. It causes flu like symptoms. The disease is most fatal to the elderly, children, pregnant women, or people whos immune system has problems.

Short term effects/ Symptoms

The disease can cause high fevers, chills, coughing, and muscle/ headaches. Symptoms relate to some forms of the flu which can be very dangerous.
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Cure/ Treatment

Legionnaire’s disease can be treated with special antibiotics, by entering the body and fighting off the bacteria. Most people infected with this disease have a full recovery with the antibiotics.

Preventing Legionnair's Disease

The main way to prevent Legionnaire’s disease is by maintaining your water source and not allowing it to be contaminated by the bacteria. If you contract the disease the best thing to do is go see your doctor and get the antibiotics.

Key Facts

History of the disease

The CDC first identified legionella pneumonia in 1977. It caused 34 deaths at a convention in Philadelphia the pneumonia is now linked with legionnaire’s disease. In 2011 about 200 people were infected with Legionnaire’s disease after attending a party at the Playboy Mansion.


CDC reports have indicated that annually the amount of people that contract Legionnaire’s disease increases about 217%. Also, in 2000 the CDC recorded 1,110 people who contracted the disease, while in 2009 the CDC recorded 3,522 people who contracted the disease.

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