Origami Owl

Welcome to Spring!

I am excited to have each and everyone of you on my team!! This team is growing and growing fast so, I thought putting together a monthly Newsletter would be the best way to reach out to you and give you updated information.

Reminder to wear your locket, dangles, or tagged necklace as often as possible!! People WILL comment on it and want to know where to get something like it! ALWAYS have a business card available for these situations. YOU are your best advertisement!!

Tips for the month:
  • Leave your business card at the restaurant for your waitress. :) I have done this and you would be amazed at how often those ladies go shopping on your website. Or call you to book a party!! Here is a link to order your business cardshttps://flyersdirect.com/origamiowl

  • Run a special for the month! You can run any special you would like...make sure you are thinking of ways to draw attention to your products but, do not OVER do it to the point where you are selling yourself short. One suggestion would be to make sure each person spends at least $50 before you give out a free charm. OR buy 4 charms get the 5th one free... with a purchase of a Locket. You want to make sure you are doing a special that will still bring in a good amount of commission for yourself. :)
How is your Jewelry Bar coming along? Are you being creative and finding some great ways to show your products? If you have any great tips or fun ideas I would LOVE to hear about it!
I am looking forward to an awesome year with all of you and our growing team!!

Goal for each of you: Sign up at least 1 Designer this month and hold 2 parties.

Have a good week
Traci Mask