House Glyph Directions

Follow the directions carefully.

House Glyph

Roof Color - Color the roof to represent the kind of house you have.

One-story house – brown Mobile home – red Apartment – blue

Two-Story House- Black

Number of Windows – Draw a window to indicate each person who lives in your house.

House Color – Color the walls of the house to represent the number of brothers and sisters you have.

0 = green 1 = yellow 2 = tan 3 = purple 4+ = orange

Door Color – Color the door of your house to represent your favorite subject in school. If more than one favorite subject incorporate the colors into your door.

Reading – red Math – blue Science – brown Social Studies – white

PE/Recess- Polka Dots Music/Art- Strips

Doorknob color – Color the doorknob to represent the pet you like best.

Dog = black Cat = purple Bird = orange Other = yellow

Chimneys – Put a chimney on your house to represent each pet you have.

Flowers along the bottom – Draw flowers along the bottom of the house to represent the number of the month in which you were born.

Leaves on the flowers – Put green leaves on the flowers you drew equal to the number of the day of the month on which you were born.

Parents Put curtains in the windows to represent who lives at your house.
Both parents = long curtains One = short curtains Neither = None

Take up the houses and have students try to identify who each belongs to using the key.