Counselor Corner Newsletter

March 2021

(In this issue: Interdependence and working together, Story Time, Virtual Clubs, Kid's Mental Health, Free Shoes)

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"For the Good of the Hive", Interdependence and Caring for Our Whole Community

At the end of January, our fifth grade students studied honey bees and the impacts of Colony Collapse Syndrome, a pandemic effecting honey bees throughout the world. It happens that I know a documentary film maker (Cameron Neilson) who has produced two films on honey bees and their plight. I was aware of his first film on honey bees, "For the Good of the Hive" and asked him to come and share his work with our students. He was gracious enough to zoom into fifth grade from California and show both of his films. He then answered the questions of our fifth graders and called them to action.

I've been thinking a lot about interdependence (they way we rely upon each other) lately and it occurs to me that we may all have something to learn from the behavior of honey bees. The global pandemic has called us to care for the wellbeing of each other in ways we could not have imagined just over a year ago. Our interdependence on each other has never been more openly discussed. We know now, more than ever, that what we do to care for our own health and safety and that of our families has a broad reaching impact on the health and safety of the whole Cordata community. If I use best hygiene practices like washing my hands regularly and wearing my mask in all public places (and washing it frequently) I am not only keeping myself, my wife and children healthy, but I may be protecting the great grandparent of any of my students.

Your child(ren) at Cordata are hearing regular reminders to pull masks above their noses, keep socially distant and to wash their hands often and well. It's a big responsibility for a little person to know that their actions and choices affect so many other members of our "colony". In my opinion, they always have, but perhaps it hasn't ever seemed so consequential. Unkind words and bullying, for example not only affect the person they might be directed toward, but in many ways, the whole classroom, school and community.

Maybe this might be a blessing of our current circumstances. That is, the ability to see how our individual actions may impact the lives of others. Perhaps we have never been more aware of our interdependence than we are right now. We greatly value our independence in our nation, however, there have been many times when we have had to rely upon our interdependence for our survival, for the "Good of the Hive".

Mr. Dan

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Story Time

Join us for another ZOOM story time Tuesday March 9th at 7:30 to 8:00ish PM.

Snuggle up and enjoy a few good reads with Ms. Amy and Mr. Dan.

Click HERE for the Zoom Link.

After School Virtual Clubs

Want to learn improv, to play guitar or Ukulele or have some fun time hearing stories and singing songs? EduArts, a local partner in education will be offering free virtual after school clubs to our students.

Children in grades K-3 can join the story time club and 3rd through 5th graders can sign up for improv and guitar/ukulele.

Contact Mr. Dan at, (360) 746-4454 or (360) 676-6470 ext. 2563 to sign up.

There is limited space. First come, first served.

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Focus on Mental Health

Declining mental health has been a struggle for many of us this past year. The effects of the pandemic have been even harder for children and teens, who tend to highly value social interactions and relationships.

The Whatcom Health Department has prepared resources for parents to support their children's mental health. Click HERE for information about specific ways that students can stay engaged and connected. Click HERE for ways parents and families to check in with their kids.

Other Resources

WWU Counseling Clinic

WWU offers free counseling for all ages. The clinic is run by graduate students with licensed clinicians supervising. Appointments are available January through June, Monday-Friday 8am-4pm. Call: 360-650-3184 / For more information visit:

Sea Mar Behavioral Health: (district-wide)

Intake line is 360-734-5458, accepts all state/Medicaid-based insurance.

Find more mental health resources on our district website

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Students in Need Can Request Free Athletic Shoes

Cordata has been fortunate enough to receive funding from a local community member to provide athletic shoes for students who need them. These will come from the Eastbay website and come in multiple colors. If your student is in need of athletic shoes for the Spring/Summer, please fill out the questionnaire through the QR code, or click the link HERE.

Please note, we will not be able to return these shoes if they do not fit, so please size up. One pair of shoes per Cordata student.

Important! All requests must be completed by March 21, 2021!