Tierra Templada

The Pleasant Elevation Zone

By Tristan Mayer

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Evergreen Forests


What better way to wake up in the morning than a nice cup of coffee the most abundant crop in Tierra Templada that you just picked yesterday morning.

What to Wear?

In Tierra Templada the weather is always nice and cool with only slight frost in the mornings with average temperatures of 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit no wonder everyone dresses like it's spring time. Such cool weather like this it's no wonder this place is called The Land of Eternal Spring!

What to do?

With such beautiful weather one can simply sit back and tend to their garden of roses, daisies and other carnations. With Valentines Day coming soon these freshly bloomed red roses should fetch a great profit!

How will I live?

Being the mos comfortable zone in the Andes it wouldn't be hard to live in this amazing zone. A few bricks,tiles,plaster and a creative you have the home you have been waiting for with a nice area to plant all the flowers you need.
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What peace it would bring!

With no worries on you shoulder why not come stay here? With vertical trade at an all time high it's no stretch of the imagination to get any of the foods you crave from the other zones. Looking out you can gaze at the stars hovering over the mountain tops as you stand in your newly planted garden ready for tomorrows harvest and another relaxing day ahead.