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Staff Information & Updates 3/17/14

From The Principal's Pen...

Welcome back!! I hope everyone had a wonderful break and had time to enjoy having fun with family and friends during Spring Break!!

We have many exciting events, activities, and opportunities ahead for the rest of this busy spring! Enjoy your first week back with your scholars!! SMILE!! :)


Dates to Remember

3/17 VALOR applications due to the district

3/17 Mr. Adams presents to 2nd grade - Water Cycle

3/17 EMT meeting - 3:00

3/18 1:1 Teacher Survey due by 4:00 pm (classroom/Specials teachers only)

3/18 STEM Leadership meeting- 3:00

3/21 End of 3rd nine weeks

3/21 Alief ISD tours Cannon's STEM program

3/21 PLC Week A - Kinder; 5th; 2nd

3/24 School Board Meeting 7:00 pm

3/25 Staff meeting - 3:00

3/28 PLC Week B 3rd;4th;1st

4/1 STAAR Math 5th; STAAR Writing -4th Day 1

4/2 STAAR Reading 5th; STAAR Writing -4th Day 2

4/3 PTA Family Movie Night w/ In & Out Burger

4/4 PLC Week A Kinder;5th;2nd

4/5 Science Safari - Dallas Aquarium

4/8 U.CAN 3:00

4/11 PLC Week B 3rd;4th;1st

4/12 GCISD Job Fair

4/15 CEC 3:15

4/18 PLC Week A- Kinder;5th;2nd

4/22 STAAR Math - 3rd & 4th grades

4/23 STAAR Reading - 3rd & 4th grades; STAAR Science - 5th grade

4/25 PLC Week B - 3rd; 4th;1st

4/29 STEM Leadership Team - 3:00

4/30 Lake Worth tours Cannon's 1:1 program

5/1 GCISD Employee Retirement Celebration - PDEC

5/2 PLC Week A - Kinder; 5th; 2nd

5/3 GCISD Rachel's Challenge Rally

Our Cannon App is Out!! Check it out!

Our Cannon school app is finally ready and available in the Apple Store! This app is available for both Apple and Android devices. Please use the link below to download our school app today! Please do NOT ask students to download the app onto their iPads until further notice. We will be sending home informational flyers to all Cannon parents during the next several days, to promote our school app and we will ask students to download the app at this time. All information that will be sent to parents will also be shared with teachers, so that it can be shared on classroom blogs, websites, and in newsletters.

Please know that this app continues to be a "work in progress". Please take a moment to download it and make note of any changes that need to be made. I went through the app today and spent several hours adding all teacher websites, emails, blogs, and social media links. We can continue to add and change content over time, so please make sure you share your comments and ideas with me, so that we can improve the app and make the most of it as a family engagement tool!


  • TEACHER APPLICATIONS FOR 2014-2015 VALOR TEAM DUE 3/17- The district is currently accepting applications from teachers across the district who have an interest in being part of this team for 2014-2015. The program was designed to provide a platform for a small group of innovative, growth-minded teachers to advance student achievement through academic study, self-reflection, and collaboration with other change leaders in the district. All applications are due by March 17th. Click here to access the Valor description & application

  • CONGRATULATIONS ARE IN ORDER - Please take a moment to congratulate Elia Reyes when you see her....she and her children have some exciting news to share! They have all recently officially become U.S. citizens!! They have been working diligently towards this effort for many years and their hard work has paid off!! Congrats to Elia, Lalo, and Daniella! :)

  • 1:1 iPad TEACHER SURVEY - All classroom & Specials teachers received a link through email to participate in the 1:1 iPad Teacher survey. Please make sure you have completed this survey by 4:00 pm on Tuesday, 3/18. The survey can be accessed at this link: 1:1 Teacher Survey

  • MATH COLLABORATION MEETINGS - Just a reminder that 3rd & 4th grade math collaboration meetings are scheduled on March 24th from 3:30-5:30 at the Alamo room at the admin. building. You can sign up in Eduphoria for this meeting now!

  • BOOK FAIR = SUCCESS!- Thanks to all staff that helped support our Book Fair during Open House Week. Tina reported that over $6,200 was raised at this spring's fair - WOW!! Hats off to Tina for a great job organizing this year's event!


No time to followtweets from staff this week? Check them out here! Great job tweeting about the great things going on at Cannon! Keep up the good work!

Tina Berumen ‏@tinaberumen Mar 6

So thankful for you @pyron_anne and Laura Green! No way I could have done this with out you! @Tonataylor

Tina Berumen ‏@tinaberumen Mar 6

Had a blast at the Bookfair tonight! Thankful for @cancubs parents & scholars coming out to support @Cannonreads

Tina Berumen ‏@tinaberumen Mar 5

3rd scholars in @EricaStep1 & @MrsSork classes connected for #WRAD with #STEM books! @cancubs @TCETexans @Tonataylor

Trisha Goins ‏@heartinlife Mar 6

Students collaborating to solve a problem #STEM #gcisd #cancubs @Michelleh340

Trisha Goins ‏@heartinlife Mar 6

Love how @Michelleh340 is making her class think & problem solve! #gcisd #cancubs

Irene Boynton ‏@ireneb2011 Mar 7

Kinders build and improve bridges using the engineering design process #cancubs #STEM

Mandy Jackson ‏@MrsMandyJackson Mar 5

World Read Aloud Day! Using #goglehangout to read with another class! @cancubs @Tonataylor @tinaberumen

Megan Pettit ‏@MeganPettit22 Mar 7

Headed on our Engineering field trip to LEGOland! @cancubs

Kamala Anderson ‏@Kaminash Mar 6

1st grade made their stepping stones today! @cancubs @CannonPTA @Tonataylor

Judy Reta ‏@JudyReta Mar 5

5th grade scholars visiting the STEM Museum. @Tonataylor @cancubs @CannonFifth

STEM 4th ‏@STEM4th Mar 13

We will be investigating friction with an upcoming race car design challenge. We can use your help collecting the...

STEM 4th ‏@STEM4th 13h

We can't wait to see our rejuvenated scholars back at school tomorrow! Don't forget to begin sending in any items...

Denise Skinner ‏@DeniseSki Protected Tweets Mar 9

In a canyon

juliebrenegan ‏@molliemae57 Mar 5

Thanks Cannon PTA for sponsoring STEM Mobile Lab! Lots of fun! @CannonPTA #cancubs

Melanie Place ‏@melanie_place Mar 5

Creating our models of different types of volcanoes. @cancubs @Tonataylor

Luvina Subia ‏@SubiaLuvina 3h

Learning about the life cycle of plants. Thanks @pyron_anne for helping with the materials and supplying your knowledge on plants @cancubs

Anna Weston ‏@AnnaRWeston Mar 4

Active scholars in gym-lunges, jump rope, mountain climbers, tuck-ins, foot jacks and a water break! #cancubs @CannonCoachV

Anne Pyron ‏@pyron_anne Mar 3

I had a terrific time playing all the games @MsDianeNorwood scholars coded! Check them out for yourself on her blog!@cancubs

Judy Reta ‏@JudyReta Mar 6

Awesome choir program tonight! It was out of this world! @cancubs @Tonataylor

Patrick R. Lollis ‏@canmaestro Mar 6

Proud of our choirs tonight! Real, artistic music+student poetry = deep, lasting learning. :-) @cancubs @Tonataylor

TBlizzard ‏@Tonataylor Mar 6

Ready to see some great student work? Come to Open House at Cannon tonight! 5:30-7:00 @CannonPTA @cancubs @GCISD

Judy Hockenbrough ‏@JHockenbrough Mar 7

A great Open House! Students & parents fully engaged First time We had every student with at least one parent present! #cancubs @Tonataylor

Judy Hockenbrough ‏@JHockenbrough Mar 7

Here's the link for our second IBook! … #proud #cancubs @Tonataylor

Sarah ganus ‏@SarahGanus Mar 6

Learning more about time using Nearpod.

Michelle Hall ‏@Michelleh340 Mar 6

Using the roomer robots to practice place value @cancubs

Denisa Marshall ‏@denisamarshall Mar 7

Alison went for a walk and got caught by the Pre-k paparazzi. She's so famous! @cancubs @Tonataylor @JoannaMussey

Cannon PTA ‏@CannonPTA Mar 5

STEM museum was a success, the kids had lots of fun! Tomorrow is open house from 6-7pm with the 3, 4, & 5 grade...

Riqui Villarreal ‏@CannonCoachV Mar 7

all of 4th grade playing nuke 'em on the last day before spring break!!! #cancubs #PhysEd

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Noah Juárez ‏@ShadowAmI Mar 6

Packed-house tonight for @cancubs @cannonelemmusic choir (standing room only)! Reflection on the cosmos through music & poetry. #humanities


  • Set a timer and turn in attendance by 9:45-10:15 daily.
  • Complete the 1:1 iPad Teacher Survey by 3/18 - 4:00 pm
  • Read over VALOR information apply if interested - deadline is Monday 3/17
  • Download the Cannon app and share all feedback with Tona, so that updates can be made before the app is released to scholars and parents!
  • Be prepared for our guest from Alief ISD to visit your classroom on Friday.
  • Tweet throughout the week to share the great work going on @ Cannon!