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October 2019

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What Happened This Month at Riverview Elementary

What is Cooperation?

This month we focused on the first letter in CARES – COOPERATION. Cooperation is the students’ ability to establish new relationships, maintain positive relationships and friendships, avoid social isolation, resolve conflicts, accept differences, be a contributing member of the classroom and school community, and work productively and collaboratively with others.

Cooperation looks like:

  • Working with others
  • Being patient
  • Sharing materials
  • Taking turns
  • Supporting each other
  • Listening to others needs

In Kindergarten, we read the book ‘Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns to Get Along’, and focused our discussion on Howard’s three rules for cooperating with others: we all get a say, we all get to be right, and we all get a turn. Howard also taught Kindergartners that we need to treat everyone the way we like to be treated; with kindness and respect. We then put our cooperation skills to the test! Students formed a circle, and had to pass a ball (or two!) around the circle as quickly as possible – with their eyes closed! This was a fantastic way for students to work with one another to achieve a common goal. Finally, to help visualize what cooperation means, each student colored a puzzle piece. When the puzzle was put together, it formed a circle of hands. Each Kindergarten class has their cooperation puzzle poster hanging in their classroom!

In grades one and two, as well as multi-age 1-2, we read the book 'Today I Will Fly' by Mo Willems. After reading the book, we discussed how Piggie was not able to fly until someone helped her and they worked together. In small groups, students were challenged to practice cooperation by designing a robot to help Piggie fly. After completing the project, students came together to discuss what cooperation looked like and sounded like when they worked in groups. Once everyone had a chance to reflect about the meaning of cooperation, students did a "Museum Tour" of the robots created by the other groups.
In third grade, we read the book 'Rainbow Fish' by Marcus Pfister. This book focuses on cooperation, as well as working together to solve problems, valuing each others unique differences, and using creativity to show kindness and compassion to one another. We then completed an activity called 'Saving Sammy'. In groups, students were given a gummy worm and a gummy lifesaver. They then had to save Sammy by getting the gummy worm into the lifesaver (life raft), without using their hands! Ask your child if their group was able to save Sammy! This activity involved cooperating as a team, while also accepting the ideas of others and working through various obstacles to reach their goal.
In grades four and five, as well as multi-age 3-5, we completed a team activity in which students were required to turn one of their classmates into a mummy using streamers! There were several rules to follow on how this could be accomplished. Cooperating as a team, groups faced challenges to quickly wrap each other! We then focused our discussion on making (and unwrapping) assumptions, and how our assumptions prevent us from seeing who the person really is inside. Students completed their own worksheet, writing out assumptions they think others may think of them - ask your child what they wrote! Unwrapping assumptions about one another helps build a strong, cooperative community!
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Farmington Fire Department Visit

The beginning of the school year comes with a refresh of rules and routines. One of them happens to be Fire Drills, and this can bring fear and anxiety to many students. In an effort to minimize these worries, we invited the Farmington Fire Department to come visit with our students in grades K-2. Students had a chance to review fire safety procedures, ask questions, and see the Fire Trucks and equipment. We encourage families to continue discussions about fire safety at home.

Fall Climate Survey

During the month of November, school counselors are working on completing the Riverview Elementary School Climate Survey. This survey will be completed by all students, and will allow us to identify student perceptions of the climate and culture within our school. In addition to determining strengths, this survey will help us identify areas for improvement and how we can enhance our school counseling program. Your child will be meeting 1 on 1 with their school counselor to complete this survey, at which point we will discuss topics related to how they feel about school, friendships, if they feel safe at school, and anything else they may have on their mind that they’d like their school counselor to know. This survey not only allows us to get to know each child and better understand their perception of the school climate, it allows your child to better understand the counselor’s role in the school. We look forward to this project and spending time with each of your kiddos!

Game Time With the School Counselors

Congratulations to our winners from last month! Because their parents read our newsletter and correctly answered our trivia question, these kiddos were randomly picked for game time with the school counselors! Students joined Mrs. Alladin and Mrs. Felipe for games, popcorn, and music! Answer this month’s question and your student will have a chance to win game time next month!
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Click Here to Access the Google Form

By filling out this quick form, your child(ren) can have a chance to win game time with Mrs. Alladin and Mrs. Felipe!!

Happy Halloween!!

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