World War 2

5 facts about my event

-ww2 was started by unresolved conflict of ww

-ww2 was started in 1939 to 1945

-ww2 was the hardest struggle mankind has ever seen

-over 60million allies died

-over 20 million axis died

two people involved in world war 2

The first was the German leader and starter of world war 2 Adolf Hitler

The second was general or commander Joseph Stalin

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2 reasons i choose this event

I choose this event because we didn't learn about it in class,and another reason I choose to do this is to see why we had another one after the first one.

2 way it affected Texas

it affected Texas more than 1,500,000 people came to Texas to train,and more than 22,000 people risked their lives in service.

short explaination of event

world war 2 was the second world war which happened during the great depression.

the second world war was the hardest time that there has ever been.and it was the last,we hope it will be.