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John Hancock Charter School - July 22, 2022

Fun Facts about JHCS

  • JHCS is a public school founded by parents looking for choice in their children’s education.
  • JHCS does not charge tuition – we are funded like any other public school based on the number of students attending the school.
  • At JHCS parent involvement is important. Parents are encouraged to donate 40 hours per year to the school. We average between 5,800 to 6,500 hours of volunteer service to the school annually with approximately 100 families, which represents over 58 hours per family. Our parents are very involved and dedicated to the success of our school.
  • JHCS student population comes from diverse ethnic and economic backgrounds.
  • JHCS class size is between 22 to 26 students per class, 1 class per grade.
  • We are currently approved for 200 students in grades K-9. Now, we are serving grades K-8.
  • JHCS teachers are state certified and follow the same requirements as any other public school.
  • JHCS uses the Core Knowledge Curriculum.
  • The Core Knowledge Sequence is a solid, sequenced specific, and shared core curriculum that helps children establish a strong foundation of knowledge grade by grade. The guiding principle is that knowledge builds on knowledge. Children learn by building on what they already have learned. The sequence provides in great detail exactly what children should learn at each grade in core subjects so they can carry that knowledge on with them to the next level.

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New WIC Guidelines for Families

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