Beginning of School

2013 - 2014

Things to Know BEFORE Staff Meeting

Skyward -

1) DISABLE pop-up blocker upon login (click always allow)

2) Username is first initial and last name (ex. bdykstra)

3) Password is p@ssword1 (change to whatever you want)

4) Peek around and look at class rosters

BE PATIENT PLEASE - Skyward is very powerful, yet easy to use for the teacher. The office staff is still attempting to figure things out. It may take us a bit longer than usual to find solutions to issues that will arise.

Student Handbook Changes

Please review Pages:

6 - Parental Responsibility -Attendance & Student Responsibility -Attendance

9 - Major disciplinary offenses

10 -Suspension if the following # of detention violations occurs during a semester

12-13 - Dress Code (fingertip length shorts/skirts & holes)

17 -Homework policy for Absent Students

20 -Bell Schedule

for changes from last year.

Ideas to Laugh About & Ponder

Top 10 Things You Don't Learn About Teaching in College!
#140conf Smalltown 2011: Kevin Honeycutt, "Our kids will spend the rest of their lives in the future

2013-2014 Aspirations

1) Bi-weekly or Monthly Staff Potlucks (Friday)

2) 2 Dances for Activities Fundraising (1 per semester)

3) 2 Staff Gatherings (Christmas & ?)

4) Merit Schedule (3) - We need creative and fun ideas!