Museum of Renaissance Architecture

This exhibit is about architecture during the Renaissance period. There will be information about three buildings in particular, Chateau de Chambord, Florence Cathedral, and Palazzo del Te. There will also be information on Filippo Brunelleschi.

Chateau de Chambord

The Chateau de Chambord was constructed by King Francis I of France in Chambord, France. It took from 1519 to 1547 to build it. This castle was very similar to other castles at the time by having a keep, corner towers, and it was defended by a moat. The features were all made to be decorative as this castle was never intended to be used as defense. The inside features a double helix open staircase that ascends all three floors without touching. This castle also includes over 800 sculpted columns and a well-decorated roof.

Florence Cathedral

The Florence Cathedral is in Florence, Italy and took from 1296 to 1436 to construct. When the building was built it had the tallest and widest dome to ever be built. The inside is very big and empty. The cathedral also features 44 stained glass window and a large clock over the main door.

Palazzo del Te

The Palazzo del Te was built in Mantua, Italy from 1526 to 1534. The suburban location in Mantua allowed for a mixing of both palace and villa architecture. The Chamber of the Giants is a room inside the Palazzo painted to show Jupiter striking giants with thunderbolts. The building also features other paintings and many decorative designs sculpted into the walls.

Filippo Brunelleschi