NSC Summer Enrollment

Important information regarding enrollment

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Which section should I sign up for?

Any courses with the section number containing “900’s” are available to non-UA students in the Outreach college only. The “Department Consent” is a standard note written in for those courses but no department consent can actually be given to allow students to enroll in those courses. You should be able to enroll yourself in the standard section which is for UA students if a seat becomes available which does not contain a 900 number. Please enroll in section 001.

Please do not send an email for department consent. If you are having trouble enrolling, please double check the section you are attempting to enroll in prior to sending an email.

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Section 001 reads as TBA, however all nutrition course offerings will be online

Summer Session Dates

Pre-Session: May 16 - June 4

Session 1: June 6 - July 7

Session 2: July 11 - August 11

Pre-Session Offerings

NSC 170C1- Nutrition, Food & You
NSC 255- Food & Culture

Summer Session I Offerings

NSC 170C1- Nutrition, Food and You
NSC 310- Principles of Human Nutrition in Health and Disease
NSC 315- Sports Nutrition
NSC 351R- Food Science and Food Safety

Summer Session II Offerings

NSC 170C1- Nutrition, Food and You
NSC 301- Nutrition and the Life Cycle
NSC 375- Diet, Genes and Disease
NSC 376- Bioactive Compounds and Food Additives