Best Dressed Baby

Guidelines on strategies to dress your newborn.

Introduction to Dressing Newborns

When there is a huge selection of cute baby clothes, how do you know what to choose for your newborn? The top of your priority list should be to keep them safe and comfortable. The clothing should be appropriate for the weather, easy to put on, and fit your newborn. Additionally, you should always have a bib or cloth handy to keep the clothes clean. You will be changing their clothes frequently, and throughout all kinds of weather. This describes how to make this process easy and comfortable for you and your baby.

Safely Dressing Newborns

You will be changing your baby's clothes several times a day, so it is important to know how to do it properly to keep them safe. You have to be gentle and patient when dressing a newborn. They need support, it is easiest to do this while lying them on a flat surface, such as a changing table or mat. You should stretch the garment so you can ease the baby through it. Dressing in clothes that are easily removable, such as snaps instead of buttons, or one piece outfits, which would simplify this process. The video below will show how to safely dress a newborn.
Dressing A Newborn | Handy Tips

For Cold Weather...

In the cold weather, newborns should dress in layers. Generally, they should wear the same number of layers you have on, plus one. But, be careful of dressing them too warmly, always take off some of the layers when coming inside.

Additionally, you could keep them warm by swaddling them in a blanket. This doesn't only add warmth, but gives newborns a sense of security, and they will be wearing blankets for the first several months of their lives.

For Warm Weather...

It is best to limit sun exposure, because it can harm newborns. Newborns can't yet regulate their own body temperature, so humid temperatures could be dangerous for them. Make sure their skin is protected from the sun, by dressing them in a hat. It is safe for a baby to wear sunscreen once they are six months old. Before that, you should try to keep their skin covered or keep them in the shade. They could wear light layers, because they could overheat if dressed too warmly. Avoid too much sun, but get medical help if your newborn develops any of the following conditions such as fevers after sun exposure.

What Size?

Babies grow quickly, and will often outgrow their clothes at a rapid pace. It is difficult to estimate which size your baby will need, so it is best to buy a selection of options, and return what you don't use. Some babies may wear newborn sizes for a short amount of time. Some might wear it for longer, but it is important to have bigger sizes saved for them. Since their umbilical cord will still be healing during the first few weeks, be sure to buy clothing designed for this purpose. After it heals, they can wear more of a variety of styles.

The First 6 Weeks of Baby Clothes Checklist

Examine this link to learn the type and quantity of clothes to buy for your newborn during their first six weeks.

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