I can be a good entrepreneur

By: Jeffrey Cortes

I have what it take sto be a good entrepeneur

My name is Jeffrey and I feel I have what it takes to be a good entrepreneur. I think that I can be a able to start a business.

Entrepreneurship is interesting to me because...

Entrepreneurship can help people make money and someone can choose what to do with the money how to spend it. Another reason entrepreneur is intriguing is because it involves a lot of risk and if your a risk taker then you'll like being being an entrepreneur .

I have many of the skills and characteristics that are essential to entrepreneurs such as...

  • Being your own boss - I like how you can work for yourself and no one else
  • Risk taking - I like how you can take risks that can make or break you i feel like that would be exciting
  • your rules - No one can tell you what to do and you can create your own rule without following other rules (except legal ones).
  • you can hire who you want - you can hire the people you want working for you and you can also fire who you don't want working for you
  • good negotiator - One has to be a good negotiator when it comes to being an entrepreneur for example one has to be willing to sacrifice some thing for the greater good of the company.

I can have a successful that...

creates good indie games. I would be interested in owning a company like this because I love playing video games and i am learning on how to create games so I would like to put my new skills to work and see what I can make and also see if people would be willing to try out what I make.