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Smoke Bomb

How many seconds of smoke does one ball add?


1. Ping Pong Balls (4 or 5 is enough for one well done smoke bomb)
2. Scissors
3. A Straw
4. Aluminum foil

5. A Lighter or Matches
- A Drill

Preparing Time: About 3-5 Minutes

1. Gather some ping-pong balls. For this method, you don't have to buy any extra ingredients other than basic household supplies, like aluminum foil, a pencil, screwdriver, and scissors.

2. Cut a hole in the top of one of the balls. You can poke a hole with a screwdriver or a knife.

3. Stick a pencil in the hole.

4. Wrap the whole thing in aluminum foil. The pencil is used to create a mold for the foil.

5. Take the pencil out. The shape of the pencil will remain in place leaving a chimney for the smoke to travel through up the aluminum foil.

6. Take the smoke bomb into an open area away from other people or pets.

7. Light the smoke bomb by placing a lighter under the ball. The smoke will start to pour out of the hole in the ball and out the chimney left by the pencil.

I observed that it took longer to light the smoke bombs that had 2 balls than of the ones that had 1 ball. I also observed that the smoke bombs are hard to light when it is windy. During the experiment we made a mini fire to light the smoke bombs that had two balls. Also 1 of the smoke bombs caught on fire.