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December 20, 2017

Happy Holidays From Your Ute Pass Elementary Family

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  • Winter Break begins Thursday, December 21.
  • Students return, Monday January 8, 2018.

Holiday Reading

One of the most powerful things you can do with your children this break is this: Read to him or her - a lot. The power of reading to children out loud is highly underrated. Whether its a book of fiction, a newspaper article, an op-ed piece, or a poem, when adults read to their children, amazing things happen:

  • It exercises the mental “imagery machinery” in the brain (the imagination).
  • It improves children’s reading by stimulating the part of the brain that processes words, story elements, ideas, vocabulary and words.
  • It’s cozy, fun, and bonding!

If you are traveling by car during the break, consider checking out an audio book from the library - it makes traveling by car so much fun!

Have a wonderful, literature-filled holiday!

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December 5, 2017 UPES PTO Meeting Minutes

Recorder: Kristen Kubina

Present: Mr. Briggs-Hale, Mr. Weimer, Ms. Romano, Laurie Wood, Kristen Sherwood Kubina, Misty Berry, Kelly Hunter, Heidi Bailey, Amanda McCloskey.

1. Building Report – Mr. Briggs-Hale

Mr. Briggs-Hale presented a powerpoint of “The Alchemy of Small”, fall highlights from UPES. The presentation will be shared with the school board. The theme is the power of a small school, which allows working across grades, focusing on best learning qualities, and also things we want to make better at UPES, including reading and writing, standards alignment, and representation and rational numbers in math.

2. Holiday Help – Laurie Wood

Ms. Wood reported that Angela Gieck is the holiday help liaison, and can help coordinate Adopt a Family for anyone that wants to help. The Manitou Springs Fire Dept. also has food baskets available for families in need. Receiving families are kept confidential. Angela can also use help wrapping presents, etc.

3. Financial report – Mr. Briggs-Hale

The PTO is still in need of a parent Treasurer, please contact Mr. Briggs-Hale if interested. Current account balance is $10,601.24.

Classroom budgets have been approved at $250 per room, however there has been no spending to report as of yet.

Breakfast with Santa brought in $421.00 after expenses. Kudos to Paula Faucette and family who donated their time to prep and cook the entire meal! Next year we will have a photographer.

The walking track has been striped, which was a request of the PTO.

Taylor Weimer and Beth Romano presented a financial request for choir microphones

and stands, which will greatly improve the sound quality and volume of performances. Total cost for two microphone stands, two microphones, and two required cables is $1,347.98. The request was approved by the PTO.

The Halloween Carnival fog machine funding and DJ equipment request was tabled until Jan to allow Lara Geerdes to present.

1. TAP report – Heidi Bailey

The first class begins this week with a cooking class by Ms. Ferguson and Ms. Hainds. The full catalog and overall registration will begin in Jan. The bus requests and associated funding needs will be coordinated in Jan as well. Instructors are currently in the process of getting background checks through D14 and instructional space is being confirmed.

2. Holiday Craft Day – Jenny Kowal via email

The PTO expense report will be coming soon, costs will be somewhat recouped by collecting a small student fee.

3. Pony Fun Walk – Mr. Briggs-Hale

Volunteer organizers are needed for the event in May. It will be held either the first or second week in May. Kristen Kubina is interested in coordinating if it is the second week.

4. UPES shirts – Mr. Briggs-Hale/Regina

We have a new design for long sleeve t-shirts. Hoodies will be available by order only as they are a higher cost. We are currently running low on old shirts. A PTO funding request for $840 was approved to purchase the long sleeve t-shirts, which will be available by Xmas. The PTO also voted on a design for UPES decal stickers, which should be available soon as well. While the PTO will only make a small profit on the shirts, the decals will bring in a higher amount, based on how many we order. Detailed pricing was provided by Regina and is available from Mr. Briggs-Hale

Motion to approve PTO emails being shared – Mr. Briggs-Hale

A motion to approve sharing PTO related emails with Kristen Kubina was approved in order to allow Kristen to create the meeting agendas.

5. Literacy Backpacks – Laurie Wood

The PTO was given the chance to explore two literacy backpacks, frogs and farms, which are examples of the backpacks that will be purchased by the district and provided to the schools. Questions can be directed to Laurie.

Next PTO meeting: Tuesday, Jan. 9, 3-4 p.m.

Ute Pass Elementary Activity Report

Monday, January 8, 2018

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