The Giver

By Louis Lowry flyer by Juan Alvarado

Book summary

A community where everything is controlled from the time at which you eat to what job you must do .The giver takes place in a community where selected group of elders control the entire community. Elders take a main role in the community because they make a main role to choose jobs for people and decide what to do in emergencies. Children at one are placed in family units to at which the parents are granted to have one girl and one boy. This decision is made by elders.There are also a thing called realese to which you are "realesed" which isn't true you are injected and the injection kills this book the main charcter is Jonas to which we later see he becomes the new receiver. Later in the book we see the giver has a plan to realese all the memories to everyone I n the community but there is a risk Jonas must leave and never return. We then see him leave the community and later on reals es all the memories. The giver then helps the community with all the memories now realesed. We are then left on a cliffhanger when Jonas and gabe (the one who was with Jonas's family who was set to be realesed) hear music.

Main charcter- Jonas

Jonas is the new reciever with this honor he is faced with many challenge he faces is the pain he feels thourogh out recieveing some memories.he is also the view point we see things through.

“The worst part of holding the memories is not the pain. It's the loneliness of it. Memories must be shared"-The Giver

Other important characters

  • The giver
  • Gabe
  • Lilly
  • Fiona
  • Asher
  • Jonas mother
  • Jonas father


  1. Why did Jonas start to feel emotional when he saw Asher and the other kids playing war and what did it remind him of ?
  2. What was Jonas's/The Giver's plan to realese the memories to the community ?
  3. What was the first color or thing that Jonas started to see.wht were the thing he precived color at first?

Overall rating

What I liked about this book is the plot twist all over the book as when the giver states that Rosemary the failed reciever was his daughter. The book was very intresting also in which how they controlled the community. In this book we are introduced to many characters also. What I disliked was that the book was a little bit freakish on how they preformed realses and the whole realese process.