Ernest Hemmingway

Honors English 10

The history of Ernest Hemmingway

Born on July 21, 1899, and died July 2, 1966. His mother dressed him as a girl until he was 4. The only exception was when they would go to Michigan to hunt and fish with their father once a year. When WW1 occured he wanted to help but was declined so he decided he'd help out with the Red Cross. There was one time where he had to go help pick up the remains and fragments left of the dead bodies. On his 6th day at the front he was seriously injured by mortar fire. Yet he still carried another wounded soldier to safety. For this he was given the Italian Silver Medal of Bravery. While in the hospital for his wounds he fell in love with his nurse. She had strong feelings for him too but not quite like he did. She had dumped him after a while saying that she was too old and will always be too old. He claimed to have a hatred towards his mother. She was a performer but later retired. She wouldn't let anybody in her family forget how famous she could have been. She bullied her husband into learning musical type things. Hemmingway had 4 wives before he killed himself. He tried to kill himself once before but was unsuccessful. He shot himself but the bullet grazed his head leaving him severely injured. His wife found him holding a gun and lying in his blood. Ernest's father committed suicide and so did his sister and brother as well. He was released June 30th, and attempted again. This time it was successful. He went to the cellar in the basement where he kept all his guns, He chose his favorite shot gun and went upstairs where he put it in his mouth and blew his brains out. Although his death was obviously a suicide they told the press that it was accidental.