Is Suicide Selfish?

by Emma Ginnell

Dear Reader,

Suicide is a very heated topic nowadays as it becomes more and more frequent in teens and adults. The main controversy with it though is whether or not it is selfish. I do not believe suicide is selfish due to the fact it is releasing somebody's emotional pain that has become unbearable. Suicide is also a very sensitive topic so I do not want any opinions in here to offend anybody. Many people have different opinions on this topic, but this website will explain MY opinion that suicide is not selfish. The reasons I believe this lie ahead so keep reading to find out.



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This connects to research by including statistics I found. Such as the statistics "One person commits suicide every 38 seconds" and also "94 of those suicides are completed each day" are from the website "Suicide Statistics. This also includes interviews from Kristen Racz, Hayden Kettler, Harrison Haas, and Claire Policce. The video includes opinions from the book "Biography on Suicide and Prevention" as well as the website "Brute Reason". The whole video can tie back into research because it is all research based with facts, statistics, and also opinions and interviews with multiple people. Other research shows opinions from people such as "saying suicide is selfish only reinforces someones guilt comes from "Brute Reason". Research in this was very diverse because it included many different sources opposed to just one source. Tying research into the video was challenging because you did not want to make the video boring, but you wanted to attract the viewer.


The essay connects back to research by including interviews as well as statistics I had found. The piece includes an interview with Kristen Racz and Alicia VanWinkle who are both CHS students who stated their opinion on suicide. Alicia said "“I do not think the pain that someone must endure to reach that point makes that person selfish, it just makes that person tired of fighting their demons and all their pain”, and Kristen said “...they did not get the help that they needed...but if someone had noticed maybe it could have helped them.” This also included several statistics such as "90% of suicides are linked to depression" (Caruso, Kevin). Since it was an expository essay explaining why suicide is not selfish, most of the essay is research based. It includes research from "What is Depression" such as what depression is... "Depression is a mental disorder that has to be clinically helped". This was easy to tie research into because you needed research.


This poem connects to research by displaying warning sides of suicide. Warning sides include self harm, cutting off connections, deep sadness, etc. This goes back to the question of if suicide is selfish by tying into if you see someone who is suffering of depression you need to help them that way their pain does not get unbearable. The research in this poem includes inferences from the website "What is Depression" which gave you the side effects as well as feelings of people with suicide. The poem was hard to tie research in because poetry is a very beautiful thing, and you don't want to take away the emotional attribute of it by just listing statistics and research so you have to put it in in a more subtle way.

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